Oct 3, 2011

Andrew Loomis..............brillaint artist and teacher!

Many years ago my son John was into drawing, his Grandpa saw he had interest and talent so he gave him a couple of books that he had used as he was a wood sculptor. The two books were Figure Drawing for all it's Worth and Drawing the Head and the Hands by Andrew Loomis.

I have the two books in my art collection ever since and I have used them extensively for the study of the human form. I can honestly say that both books have been very helpful instruments in my education of painting portraits.

Andrew Loomis was born in 1892. He studied art in New York at the Art Students League under George Bridgman and F.V. Du Mond. When he was 19 he went back to Ohio where he grew up and continued his education at the Chicago Art Institute

He painted commercial art most of his life but was also a great teacher. He was a great inspiration to artists for many years and still is! I don’t understand why they have not re-printed his books, as they are timeless and filled with so much information. While looking for him on the Internet I found a site where you can download some of his books free!

If you are into drawing or painting people please go to this site and sit back and enjoy his teachings. You will be amazed at how he teaches, and you will learn a lot from this man. If you are lucky enough to find a first editions of one of his books it may cost a bit. I was surprised to see them for over $100!
I sure didn't know I had such valuable books in my collection! I have collected art books since 1970, I have a lot of out of print books and so many have been my way of learning how to paint!
I would never sell them as they are like old friends; each is like a little treasure to me!

Here are a couple of pages from his book!

The Aging Process

This is so helpful when you are painting an older person. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Construction of a baby's head
Mr.Loomis says to draw a ball and plane with the facial plane much shorter. Put the brows on the halfway line. Divide the face from the brows down into four parts. The eyes touch the bottom line of the top division. The nose touches the bottom line of the second division. The corners of the mouth fall on the bottom line of the third division, and the chin drops slightly below the fourth or bottom division. The ear is under the halfway line.

UPDATE:::: Amazon says  this title "Drawing the Head and the Hands" will be released on October 25, 2011.

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