Sep 14, 2011

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The Importance of Relaxation To Our Creativity

Sept 14, 2011
By Sue Hulen

We all have stress to deal with each and everyday. Some stress is worse than others, but it’s stress just the same.

When we’re stressed out our creativity suffers. We’re actually stifling that
creativity and not being the best artist we can be. We can’t always
eliminate stresses, but we can try to de-stress. We can do something each
day to help ourselves relax a bit.

Don’t dismiss this idea as silly or something that won’t work. It works. I know of what I speak because I do it everyday or at least 5 times a week.

If you have relaxing music on a CD or if you have a relaxing music channel
on your cable or satellite dish, you can listen to those. If you can get
into you can find tons of relaxing music to listen to. Some are
a couple of minutes long and some are much longer and they’re delicious.

I love to go into the meditation music/Zen music and listen. I close my eyes
and sit in a comfortable position and just listen to the beautiful music. I
have a morning meditation I listen to and I also listen to other
meditation/relaxation music at the same time each day in YouTube. I've
dedicated an hour each day for “self” and I've noticed a difference in my
moods and in my patience level. It makes a huge difference as artists to be
relaxed and centered.

I've come up with more ideas for what I’d like to paint as well. When I am
relaxed I paint better, too. Lately, I've even noticed that those days when
I’m less creative and just not feeling “centered” it’s because I hadn't
relaxed that day.

Have you noticed that when you have lots of cloudy or rainy or cold days…one
after another for days that you become tired, lazy, grumpy or even feel ill?
Then, the next day the sun comes out and it’s a gorgeous day. Do you notice
how your mood and energy level perks up? There you go. Too often we don’t
notice how stressed we are until we take the time to de-stress and actually
relax (preferably without coffee or other stimulants). : )

Taking the time to relax each day, even for just 15 minutes, will make a big
difference in certain areas of your daily life. It’s a wonderful gift to
give yourself. It’s not being selfish, it’s being unselfish because you’re
sharing a better you with your family and others and it’s also helping you
to be all you can be as an artist.

Try having a dedicated time each day to relax. You’ll wonder why you hadn't
done this before now.

Have a wonderful week (and for heaven’s sake relax)!

Sue Hulen

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