Sep 15, 2011

Product Review Funny Brushes!

I have found some really funny art products and thought I would share them with you....what will they come up with next?

It's an economical, multi-purpose paint brush that you design! Create different effects by rolling up the pre-cut foam sheets and securing them witha rubber band, or try wrapping the foam around a piece of cardboard for a more elogated shape. Or even a tin can or a cardboard tube!
Funny foam makes interesting patterns and swirls for monoprinting, making collage paper, or stenciling. Use it with waterbased paints, then rinse it, and squeeze it out to clean up.

Each package includes three pieces of 15" (38 cm) long thin foam and three pieces of 7½" (19 cm) long thicker foam, enough for six brushes.

Hard-to-do textures are a breeze with the Funny Brush. Use it to create the effect of leaves on a tree, the look of grass, hair, and fur, or a random stippling. (FUR????)

After using, wipe off the rubber filaments with a tissue or cloth (turpentine and solvents will dissolve the plastic case) and wash with soap and water.
Set of 3 — This set includes Regular, Small, and Mini brushes.

Now if you want to give these funny looking brushes go to Dick Blick

For really big projects why not try this................

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