Sep 30, 2011

Guest Artist Susan Smith

Hello everyone !
My name is Susan Smith .
I am an American citizen since November 27th, 2006.
I was born in a small English town and grew up in the lovely lush countryside of Warwickshire. After schooling was finished the family immigrated to South Africa where I lived for many years.

We lived in a small town there too and I spent just about every weekend in the Game Reserves, which was great fun and very exciting.
I've lived in Argentina, Germany and Mexico and I loved all those places and remember well the many adventures we had there.

Here in South Alabama, my husband and I have the most spectacular and unique swampland scenery I've ever seen.
The feeling I have when exploring the swamps is nothing short of magical. It is truly a little bit of Heaven.
My daughter lives in Mobile, Alabama. She and her family are new immigrants. It took eight long years to get them here but now all is well.
You might ask what inspires me to paint and draw. I don't really know the answer to that except to say, "I love drawing and painting".

It is natural to me to draw what I see. I want to put it all down on paper to look at for years to come. I guess photographers must feel the same way about taking pictures.
I paint landscapes, seascapes, house portraits, people's portraits but baby animals are my favorite things to paint. I adore them all and try to capture their innocence and sweet expressions. We have two cats and a puppy so I paint them plus I have many photos and sketches of my friends pets plus all the photos of wild animals and their babies to choose from when I plan a painting.

You see here little miniature paintings of kittens and puppies, which I painted with Neocolor ll water-soluble oil pastels. These are wonderful artist quality archival crayons. The effects you can make with them are endless whether for landscapes or my favorite baby animals.
I also love drawing with colored pencils, pastel pencils on different papers and boards. Sanded papers are very good fun to use and so is suede mat board.
Painting with acrylics is also a joy for me. Their colors are marvelous and they are easy to work with and mostly non-toxic which is a must for me.
I don't have studio .I paint in the kitchen part of our living room. My table and two easels are an extension of the kitchen counter. This way I feel part of the home. The open plan living room makes for an easy, laid-back and comfy life. I have our cats, Sophie and Nunu ( Zulu for insect) and Lola our dog to keep me company all day.

We are on the hummingbird emigration route so we see them arrive in February and depart on their long, arduous flight South in late September.
I love birds and in the swamps we have the spectacular Snowy egrets, and Great Egrets. I paint them with acrylics by blocking in the basic shape then thinning the paint to make many layers to paint the feathers.

The Neocolor ll crayons are perfect for painting all animals too. Being able to push the color around makes it easy to work with and you can add water, dab it off, remove color until you get the effect you're looking for. They dry hard but not waterproof and do not smudge easy.
You can frame them or keep in a firm plastic sleeve like a sport cardholder.
I love my work and if I can help you at all you have only to ask.

Thank you so much

Contact me at:

Baby Porcupine

Baby Raccoon and Flowers

Baby Raccoon on Stump

Baby White Persian

Bullfrog  Colored Pencil

Fluffy Kitten Blue Eyes

Darling Odd Eyed Kitten

Egrets in the Swamp

I learned a bit about the Bauern-malerei folk art in Munich but am not an expert by any means. I painted our old black shutters with the style and the chairs.


Mr. Woods House

Kitten in Pink

Live Oak Landing

Mother of the Church
The Mother of the Church was done from a poor photo of the deceased lady. Her family wept when they saw it so I must have done something right ...

The mural is also for their church..that was fun and I learned a lot..they all kept coming here each day and commenting it was great fun. They discussed  the christening in the river..I thought they wanted a picture of a font like where I was christened...what a learning curve this was for me.

Darling little Kitty

Raccoon on Stump

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