Aug 22, 2011

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

This is the start of our new feature, here we will offer tips and tricks that can be helpful to the artist, If you have a special tip send it to us and we will publish it. Send to:

Need a great palette?

Take a large artists clip board

Buy a roll of Plastic coated Freezer paper ( found it at WalMart)

Simply cut off the size you need, clip in on the board and you have a great disposable artist palette. This is very economical!

Have an old canvas that you want to give a little texture too?
Spread a generous amount of gesso on the canvas, spread it out evenly with a knife, then cut a piece of jute or burlap just a bit larger than the canvas and press it onto the canvas smoothing it onto the damp canvas.
wait until most of it is absorbed then gently lift the material. This will give you a nice texture to paint on.

Need tiny brushes for miniature paintings and travel watercolors, go to your beauty supply store and buy make-up brushes.

Oops..........Just found a blob of oil paint on your pants that have already gone through the dryer?

No problem! Simply spray the area with "Oven Cleaner" let it sit about an hour and then wash as usual.

Having a hard time getting your oil paint cap off....simply keep a metal nutcracker with you!

These work great to loosen the tight caps! ( I found one at a Dollar store)

For acrylic bottled paints use a key chain bottle opener!

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