Aug 25, 2011

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Little Bit of This and That
By Sue Hulen

It's hard to believe that Fall is almost here. Summer past much too quickly, as always. It's been a crazy Spring and a crazy Summer. The Spring was way too wet and this Summer has been way too hot.
Our herb garden (contained in pots) are great, but had to be watered too much. The garden suffered. Between the heat and everything growing slowly and looking smaller than usual, it has not been a good Spring and Summer for the poor veggies. The groundhog who has made our neighbors yard his/her home makes nightly visits to our garden. It thinks we planted the corn etc. Just for him/her. It has eaten more of the corn than we have and it takes one bite out of the tomatoes, bell peppers and watermelon and then goes on to the next one.

After looking at Kay Quist's precious winter ornaments I'm in the mood to start painting again. I'm really looking forward to it. I've never painted snowmen or Christmas ornaments, but I'm determined to jump out of my comfort zone and give them a try. Whatever I try to paint will probably have an Asian flavor to it. LOL Let's hope not! I'll probably end up with a bamboo tree that has ornaments on it. : )

The actual point of this article is to encourage everyone to leave their cozy comfort zone and try something different. There's so many genres of art that you could try. There's beautiful landscapes that Linda Lover does, Southwestern art that Sharon Teal-coray paints, watercolors and more by Christy Hartman, beautiful florals by Carol Sabo and even Asian paintings such as I enjoy doing.

This will be fun and certainly challenging for me and for others, but it's a learning process, too.
Sharon Teal-Coray had mentioned journaling in this magazine/blog. There are so many beautiful journals that we can buy. I don't know about you, but I've painted enough things for myself and I want to buy a beautiful journal for myself that is already finished and I won't need to paint it. The leather bound journals with the soft satin page markers are just gorgeous. You can buy them not only in leather, but in other types of covers as well. Some are even done in tapestry. Lovely!! It's a gift to ourselves. Why not!!

I've learned much about myself through journaling. It's strange how we can be so open when writing in journals when maybe we aren't so much otherwise. It's fun to go back after some time passes and read what you'd written. It's very personal and almost sacred.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a blast painting this Fall and Winter. Don't forget to challenge yourself and go outside your comfort zone. Who knows...maybe you'll find something different that you will fall in love with.

Sue Hulen

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