Aug 18, 2011

How to be more “Creative”

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a creative bone in my body…days go by and nothing new seems to be happening. No new ideas nothing!

I think that all of us are born with creativity, but for some reason some of us don’t continue to use it. Creativity is actually a form of problem solving. Sometimes I can’t solve the simplest problem. It is like my creative area is asleep.
I think that I am at my most creative time when I go inside of myself and get really self-absorbed. A lot of my ideas come when I am totally alone in my studio painting. I love alone times………To a lot of people this seems a bit selfish, but for me, I need to be in that place to really get new and fresh ideas. By going deep into myself I find that it opens me up to new creative ideas and solutions. If I spend most of my time and energy on everyone else’s problems and the world outside myself, I have very little access to my creative ideas. They are shut down. Going inside allows you to look at your life experiences; some of these will help find connections that can expand your creativity. When you are always focused on the world outside you can never find these great possibilities.

I have to admit at times I feel a bit selfish, but I am tired of thumping myself for taking time for “me”, that time is the time I can grow as an artist. So I have to actually remind myself I not only have the right to do this but I have the need to do it!
Don’t get me wrong here; going inside yourself is not cutting others out of your life you need to keep an open heart and communicate with others whom you have some common ground with. You need to find others that can listen to your ramblings without feeling envious or competitive. I know that these people are few and far between but connecting with others is a vital part of developing your ideas, two brains are always better than one. Bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to find new ideas.

I find that if I am open to what others have to say about art, even if I don’t agree, my brain starts to get the creative buttons turned on. Sometimes I have some really brilliant ideas…sometimes they are not worth examining. Sometimes I am surprised at the ideas that come to me and with time they can grow into something I never imagined I could come up with! You can do the very same thing! Just give it a try!

However, once you find a great idea you need to be very protective of it.
Ideas get stolen…. some people don’t have original ideas and are very happy taking yours! Protect them just like you would any thing of value!

Listening to your self- counsel to be more creative is giving yourself a gift. You will find new and exciting ways to do things! Then you turn around and give the world a gift by using your ideas.

If you are afraid of being looked upon as selfish or self-centered, this will stop you before you even get started. So give yourself permission to go inside of yourself and get really self-absorbed!

Sharon Teal-Coray

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