Aug 18, 2011

Heard the Word...............Artsy-Fartsy

This is an expression used to describe someone like a snobby art critic who describes the painting below like this:

" This is such a moving, creation, I can feel the anger and frustration in what the artist is trying to tell us, all the blue colors must show his deep depression, the lines and dark colors gives us the feeling he is trying to strike out in pure rebellion. The three yellow circles are placed to stop the lines of movement and be calming. I feel a deep sense of desperation in this painting and the artists use of color is brilliant!"

Now can you relate to this? Does it speak to you this way? This is what is known as
What it is, is Pure bull.%$#%$##$.......

This is my palette!


Sharon Teal-Coray

Everyone deserves a good laugh each day!

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