Aug 28, 2011

the big "C" word!

I received a letter from a lady who was really confused about my article on copying others artwork.
She thought I was saying she should not copy my artwork I put out in books and eBooklets.
So I need to be clear here, I make patterns for painters to "copy' and learn from. They are not designers but painters who want easy to follow instructions and line drawings to paint.

What I was referring to was anyone who copies anothers artwork or invention and then claims to be the originator of it.

This goes on with the designers in this industry, it is a shame but it happens and it hurts the one who has had their work stolen, and it is illegal.
So if you are a painter and you don't know how to paint and you want to learn different techniques then by all means copy my patterns and learn from them.
If you are a designer if you can't come up with your own original ideas don't copy any part of my work and call it your own. 
It is simple as that, nothing more.

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