Jul 28, 2011

Why you don’t want to copy some else’s’ artwork!

There are lots of reasons why you should not copy, I know that many artists do this regularly but there are so many reasons why you as an artist should never engage in this activity. I know that a lot of the Decorative artists have never really understood the copyright laws and this is partially due to the fact that a decorative artists learns by copying others patterns instead of leaning how to paint from the basic techniques and rules that fine artists follow.

As an artist and designer I have had to deal with people taking my ideas. With the use of the Internet it is easy to copy someone’s art. People think it is ok to take something off the Internet, there seems to be a feeling of entitlement because it is there for the taking. They conveniently forget that everything on the Internet is not free….

However, eventually it comes to light and the original artist sees it or someone who knows their work finds it and reports it to them. It is a big world but not that big!

Here are some of the reasons you should not do this.

I am doing my art to help with my income, if you steal a design from me it diminishes my ability to make a living and pay my bills….you are stealing from me.

My artwork is very personal to me, it came out of me and I am very possessive of it. I will do anything to protect it and my right to do so. Most artists feel this way.

I ask myself why an artist would do this and I keep coming up with the same answers.

Greed……….is one of the main reasons, actually I think it is the biggest reason!

The next is that the copier is not capable of doing this on their own. Some people just really have no creativity and imagination at all and can never come up with any original ideas of their own! Laziness is another reason. I think sometimes a copier will find it easier to copy then to use their brains. Then I think a few do it out of ignorance, which is really no excuse at all to copy!

They say that imitation is a form of flattery; I do not agree with this statement, it is just a way of excusing copying others work. I am not flattered at all!

If you copy my work it will confuse my customers, this is very frustrating for any working artist. If they see an inferior work they wonder what has happened to me. It diminishes me in their eyes.

If you are trying to build a good reputation as a professional artist this will never help you, people will not respect you as a serious artist if you steal from others, and you will never get the success you long for. This is something you have to work hard for. Eventually you will be caught.

Do you think your art will ever get better if you copy others work? The answer is NO; you can never cultivate your talent if you are continually reproducing someone’s art and style. To grow and mature as an artist you need to challenge your self every day and develop your own style.

When you are copying you are breaking the law. We have copyright laws for a reason. Not only could you earn a very bad reputation for doing so, you could actually be sued.

Plus when you copy do you know what it does to the person you are stealing from? You need to know because some day it may be you who is on the other end of the stick!

You make us very angry, frustrated and we feel like we have been violated, and in truth we have!

It can diminish our creativity. If we work long hard hours to make a living with our ideas and then someone comes out of the woodwork and takes our ideas and proceeds to make money on our ideas it can actually make us feel like, “what’s the use, I think I may as well give it up.”

What will happen over time is that the copycats often lead the arts industry to a decline in quality because they are not as good as the original artists they have copied, then the real artists stop producing and the world is left with a bunch of copycats who can’t paint a stroke on their own. This is happening right now, many designers are giving up!

If you copy someone’s art, are you sleeping at night? Do you know you are a thief?

Do you realize you have thrown away your integrity for a few bucks?

I am convinced that no matter how you have tired to rationalize what you have done, most people still have feelings way down deep and most people will feel some shame.

I, like a lot of artists who have experienced this have decided to not be angry and bitter about this however; we are determined not to be victims any longer. We have so many copyright lawyers who will work on contingency that we can now afford to stop this in its tracks.

I for one choose to live my life with integrity, with joy and with creativity because I know I create from my own ideas not someone else’s….can you say the same thing about yourself?


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