Jul 27, 2011

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Techniques of the Great Masters of Art

I have had this book in my collection since it came out in 1985. If you are serious about your art this book will help you in many ways!

This book looks at 110 of the worlds most important artists starting at the Renaissance to the present day. You will be treated to four hundred beautiful illustrations. Each illustration comes with a explanation of how it was developed, what techniques and styles the artist used.

The development of painting styles, technique and movements have been somewhat a neglected part of art history. These are very important and this book shows 77 techniques with over 100 of the best paintings from some of the world’s greatest artists.

It shows the evolution from frescoes of Giotto who lived during the 1300’s to the modern acrylic artists of 1985.

A team of 14 technical art historians and conservators compiled this book. It covers artists from 1300 to 1985.

I have used this book as a reference to help me improve my art skills and I love to just sit and look at all the beautiful paintings, learning the techniques the artists used.

Some of the best things I found were that the book had many illustrations demonstrating the under drawing of the work which helps the artist see and understand the work better. I loved that they used widespread captions to explain the significance of each detail in the  painted reproductions.

I also loved to read about each artist, learning about how they became an artist and especially their techniques. Each artist is analyzed in detail. They show how they progressed the materials they used from start to finish and they show lots of close-up photos which are very helpful.

This was published in 1985, since then there have been some reprints so make sure you get the one with 541 pages plus eighteen unnumbered pages at the back. It contains three sections, Old Masters, Impressionists and Modern Masters. I have heard that each sections have been published as a single book so beware of this if you want to buy it. I have seen it on Amazon for a good price.
Sharon Teal-Coray

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