May 14, 2011

How Creative are You?

Take this test and see!

 circle your choice on each question

Part #1
1. What job would you like to have the most?
a. I would like to work with important people
b. One with shorter hours and financial security
c. One that will constantly challenge my abilities
d. Bring me fame if I succeeded
2. When I am making something I:
a. carefully follow the directions
b. combine with a few ideas I know
c. use my own ideas, even if the results are sometimes not successful
d. Lose track of time

3. In high school I:
a. was a well rounder student
b. excelled academically
c. was told I wasn't using my full potential
d. disagreed with teachers

4. While working on projects of my own choosing, I often:
a. get distracted
b. start out strong then lose enthusiasm
c. become self-critical, frustrated and mentally blocked
d. lose track of time

5. If someone offered to buy one of my creations, I would:
a. feel it was to precious to part with
b. insist on being paid a lot
c. be thrilled but try to put a realistic value on my work
d. accept reasonable price, but feel that my talents are worth much more

6. I find discussions about the meaning of life:
a. kind of pointless
b. enjoyable,if I am in the right mood
c. both interesting and disturbing
d. exciting and uplifting

7.When I have time to myself, I :
a. get bored and anxious
b. feel lonely
c. welcome the change of pace
d. always find something to do

8. If I knew people at my office considered me "unusual," I would:
a. be a little upset
b. wonder why
c. not give it a second thought
d. be flattered

Part #2
Answer the next questions with : often..occasionally..seldom or never

1. Thought of a way to make something more useful?
2. Held a job that required creative ability?
3. Exhibited your talents in a show?
4. Put your ideas or feelings in writing when it wasn't assigned?
5. Developed a more efficient way of doing things?
6. Pondered over word puzzles just to see if you could solve them?
7. Expressed yourself by drawing?
8. Sold something you have created?
9. Made something attractive or useful out of "junk"?
10. Received praise for your talents for your peers?
Scoring Key:
Add up the designated number of points for each answer you gave.

Part 1:                Points
a/ never               0
b/ seldom            1
c/occasionally       2
d/often                3

Part 2
a/ never              0
b/ seldom           1
c/occasionally      2
d/often               3

Let's see just how creative you really are:

If you scored:
42 to 54:
 You are extremely creative, with a wide range of talents and interests. Because you have a great deal of confidence in your abilities, you approach life with originality.
29 to 41
Your creativity is balanced with a sense of practicality that helps you put your abilities to use.
16 to 28
You have some creative ability and you could have more if you nurtured it. Perhaps you use your imagination for hobbies but rein it in when you have "important" matters at hand.
0 to 15
 Basically you believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Try to have more faith in your own ideas. You're apt to find that they are as good as anybody else's, and in some cases, maybe a lot better!

written by Christopher Irby for New Woman magazine 1986

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