Apr 19, 2011

Shining Feather Art Acadmey Critique Sheet

In my classroom I would visit with each of my students and we would go over this critique sheet together when they started a painting or finished one.  This would help them see any problem areas they had. It was very helpful in teaching them what makes a great painting. If you are an artist I would stress the important of using this every time you paint, I still do a checklist of each of my paintings to be sure I have everything right!

1. What is your "concept"  in other words what are you trying to convey or express to the viewer:
A certain mood
Tell a story
Evoke a feeling
Get a reaction

Is your application of paint applied skillfully on every inch of your canvas?
Did you use enough paint?
Is the paint Vibrant and not muddy?
Have you created movement by the use of lines, patterns, color, texture or brushstrokes?
Does anything lead the eye off the canvas?
Is there a balance with all the objects?
Do you have interesting "negative" shapes?
Do you have "uity", that is does you compositional elements all work together as a "unified" whole?
Does your painting have "emotional visual impact" that is would this painting call to you from across the room in an art exhibit for a closer look or would it get lost with the other paintings.
Does your background stay in the back?
Is the background too warm or too bright?
Does the background jump out demanding attention?
Is there too much texture in the distance?
Have you "greyed" the colors in the distance?
Is your "focal point" identifiable?
Have you softened the lines in the background?
Have you painted your shadows darker than you lightened areas?
Does the shadows have depth or are they dead looking?
Does your shadows have soft edges?
Is all of your shadows on the same side?
Is your "focal point" places in the Golden Mean?
Are your highlights light enough?
Do you have hard and soft edges?
Do you have repeating shapes?

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