Apr 1, 2011

Art from the Heart Get Creative!

I can honestly say that I am happier now that I have ever been. Getting a little older does not diminish happiness in the least. One of the main reasons I am so happy is that I create almost every day. Creating helps a person have a happy, positive live.

I am not saying that sometimes things get in the way and I have to step back and re-evaluate, but most days I am in love with everything in my life.

I think that one of the biggest secrets I have is that I am consistent in my creativity zone. I have learned how to manage my time so I can spend lots of studio time, maybe it is not hours on end every day but I will do something creative most days of the week.

This has become second nature to me, it is a really habit I love…go into my studio and paint or maybe just sit and let my brain create new ideas to paint. When I do this creating actually becomes natural for me just as natural as eating and sleeping.

I think some people get stuck comparing themselves with others. They think they are not as talented or creative as someone else, they focus on what others have done and wish they had what others had. What a total waste of time, your not that person, you do not have what they have and if you spend all of our time wishing things were different you are never going to reach your personal goals and realize just how distinctively gifted you actually are!

The more you acknowledge your own strengths and talents the more you will be inclined to get into your studio and use them. Focus on being determined and positive, be enthusiastic and you will find yourself so much happier and creative!

Stop that critical voice in your head. Do you realize that this is just sabotaging your creative endeavors? Do you think that deep down you may actually be afraid of success and this negative talk will protect you from any hurts or disappointments that may come along. I have found this happening to me, and what I find works best is to just say….“Stop” I then sit for a bit and tell myself that I am the master of my mind and no matter what, I am going to continue and be just as creative as I can, eventually that noisy distracting inner voice fades away.

Something that will rob me of my happiness is when I paint something I think I “should” paint. Being a author of instructional painting books it is really easy to get into this rut. What would someone want to learn paint? what would sell?…what would be accepted for a magazine? it goes on and on. The best times I have is when I am creating for myself. I have no idea what I will do with the finished product. However, when I create out of my love and my passion for the subject matter it is always much better art! It is always much more fulfilling and it makes me happy!

Because being an artist is a solitary thing, it is a good idea to find a few artist friends that you can share your struggles and happy moments with, however it is sometimes hard to find these as often there are envy issues with artists.
If you do find someone who is not envious of you and you can both celebrate each others triumphs and cry together when things go terribly wrong then you are very fortunate and you need to hold onto that person. Artistic camaraderie and honest encouragement can be a lifesaver!
So get out there and get creative....be it for an hour or several hours. Just do it and you will look into the mirror and see a happy, relaxed face staring back at you!
Sharon Teal-Coray

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