Mar 17, 2011

Brush Basin By Sharon Teal Coray

Sharon's Brush Basin
"The Original Soft Scrub Basin"

How to clean your art brushes!

For many years I spent lots of money replacing my favorite brushes. If you are an artist I will wager that you have done the same.

Now you can stop!

With our Soft Scrub Brush basin you can keep those brushes like new!

This is the best brush basin around! Take care of your brushes the right way! Our extra soft cleaning brushes in the bottom of the basin gently cleans all the paint from your brushes without damaging the bristles!

Stop replacing brushes worn out from the other cleaning tubs that have the hard plastic ridges!

These hard ridges will wear your beautiful brushes down to nubs!

Who would design these basins is a good question!
The answer is............. Brush Companies!

Think about it, they don't want your brushes to last a long time otherwise they would go out of business. It makes perfect sense to sell a basin that will eventually wear out the very brushes they sell! Interesting thought isn't it? We put our trust in them because they make the brushes we use. They tell us that the ridges will not damage our brushes but will keep them like new!


Our soft scrub brushes in our basins are made up of hundreds of extra soft tiny nylon fibers. They "give" when you are scrubbing your brush over them. Your not scrubbing against a hard surface because the length of the fibers won't allow that.

The basin has 3 separate compartments. Two with specialty imported, delicate, soft cleaning brushes in the bottom to thoroughly clean all the paint from your brushes. One compartment for clean water only so you always have that at hand. It can be used for acrylics and watercolors.
As you paint simply swish your brush over the tiny cleaning bristles and watch your dirty brush come out like new! You can paint all day and never change your water. The paint collects in the bottom by the cleaning brushes. So the water stays fresher, longer. At the end of the day you will use the basin to thoroughly clean your brushes before storing them.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the best cleaner I have used and I have used a lot of them~
Been using it 5 years and my brushes still look new!

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