Feb 1, 2011

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By Sue Hulen
I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year that gives me “cabin fever.” I’ve had my share of cold and dreary days and not being able to even walk around the yard and enjoy the fresh air. Feeling suffocated comes to mind. J
Now, is the perfect time to do some things I’ve wanted to do. I’d have no excuse as I have to be inside anyway, so why not do some things I’d enjoy (some not so much) and can be productive at the same time? So, I figured, I could do one or more of the following things:
Organize and freshen up my art room (which doubles as a computer room)

Put loose photos in the photo albums
Make a list of the paints and other supplies I need or will need soon
Play with my artists brushes

Clean at least one closet (don’t hate me for this one)

Look through artists books and magazines I’ve not looked at for a long time

Make a list of books I’d like to have

Paint something colorful and summer like

Organize recipes instead of having to hunt for the one I want to use at that moment
Journal about everyday things, family, vacation, update on what I’ve painted, feelings etc.
Meditate more
Learn something new (I.e. How to paint a different genre than what I do now. Learn how to draw.)
The color of white is getting to me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if snow came in many colors depending on how cold it is that day? Sure would break the boredom of seeing all this white. Enough already. I cannot tell you how excited I would be if I could see just one long blade of green grass popping through this disgusting snow. I’d probably do my famous Happy Dance.
I’m looking outside (we’re in the middle of a blizzard right now) and I see white, blowing snow, snow getting deeper and deeper by the hour and the hungry birds. The birds are feeding like crazy at our bird feeder so they can stay warm. Poor little guys. All the decks in the neighborhood are covered with a deep blanket of snow. Ick.
Cannot wait for Spring to arrive. Flowers budding, leaves on trees popping out, birds singing and no more stinking snow. J Have I mentioned that I do not like winter? Maybe I’ll just close the blinds and shut the curtains and sleep….or should I say hibernate? Sounds good except that I have to clean the kitchen and start dinner. Ahhhhh, to be a fuzzy bear in winter. No work, just sleep and wake-up thinner. My kind of life. But, then I couldn’t eat chili dogs or pig out during the holidays and the Super Bowl. Guess hibernating isn’t so great after all.
I need to get my work done and then I’ll take a nap. Not hibernating, but close enough. It beats watching the snow falling……and falling……and falling…..constantly.
Hope you enjoy the rest of this winter more than I will. If you have “cabin fever” try something to break the boredom and restlessness. Hawaii anyone??

Sue Hulen

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