Feb 12, 2011

Form.....what is it?


by Sharon Teal-Coray
All artists need to have an understanding of what “Form” is. If we don’t understand this concept all our paintings will look flat.
The difference between flat shapes and solid form is the way that the light falls on the object and makes one conscious of the solidity of things.
It is not really possible to actually create three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, however you can achieve an equivalent through the use of proper values.
Everything we paint has form. So this lesson will help you see how light creates form on an object.

In order to create a feeling of an object having form and weight there are a few rules that you need to follow.

The first thing you need to do is to decide where the light source is coming from.

Every object be it a vase, tree trunk or a face will have the following:

1. Core Shadow (darkest value)

2. Middle Value (middle value)

3. Highlight area (lightest value)

4. Reflected Light (light that is being reflected by another object)

5. Cast shadow (a shadow that the object creates)
To really understand this practice shading a sphere. Do it in pencil and then with paints. Once you have this understanding you can paint anything and make it look dimensional.




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