Feb 4, 2011

Critique Corner

If you look around the Internet and even in your local home town you may see a big "Art Sale"....Sometimes you can pick up a big painting for as little as $25.00!  However, you do get what you pay for. There are hundreds of shops in China where armature painters sit and paint really bad art. If you don't know what really bad art is I am going to show you some.

This painting is really off balance, all the "heavy' objects are on the left side. When you look at it do you feel it might tip over?  This is a great example of very bad composition. This needs something on the right side to create a good balance. The path is lighted as is recedes so it look like it is moving up, things get darker as they recede,  the lighitng on this is backwards.If the artist painted it darker at the back and lighter at the front it would be flat. 

At first this looks pretty...but at closer inspection we see the colorful bushes are all the same size. The small rocks on the left side are all the same size. The grass is very stiff and unnatural looking. The large colorful bushes on the left are all evenly spaced. This is really a very stiff, boring composition. Does the path on the right look flat? No! Again the poor use of color makes it look like it is standing up straight.

Oh boy is this ugly...four tress evenly spaced is just so bad. If the artist would have just had one or three on the right side it would have been much better. Rule: uneven numbers~

Finally I found a pretty good painting that has a good composition. The house is placed in the "golden Mean" the perfect place, it is the focal point and it should always be in this position. (see article on the Golden Mean)
The rows of the lavender lead the eye of the viewer to the focal point. The only thing that I think would have improved this would be pacing the yellow bushes on the left side to balance the large tree on the right. Other than that is it fairly good for the Chinese factory painters.

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