Jan 22, 2011

Easy "Scumbling" for canvas artists!

by Sharon Teal-Coray

I love to create texture with "scumbling" especially with a knife.
Scumbling is a simple procedure, it is method of applying paint to the surface of a painting that leaves broken fragments of paint on the top layer, allowing the color underneath to show through. You can do it with a knife, or a brush. A knife creates a heavier texture.
By applying a palette knife loaded with relatively thick paint, similar to impasto,you will create a beautiful texture that is great for stucco walls amoung other things!
Using less paint will create more transparent, veil like results, resulting in an optical mixture of the under color and the top scumbled color.
Sometimes scumbling appears to be an accidental application of paint, however the dragging, rolling or pushing the paint requires a fair amount of control so it is usually planned out in advance.
In 2008 my husband and I visited Italy, Spain and Greece. In Venice especially I saw beautiful old stucco walls, they were an inspiration for me to do some painting from the region.  
Below is a painting I did that is in my book "Scenes from the Mediterranean."

Here you see how the knife will apply the paint.

The stucco walls are literally falling off in Venice, it is fun to create this texture with a knife on canvas. 

1              2                  3                   4    

Here is a photo of how I painted a stucco wall in my book
From the left to the right:
First color applied with brush, second color applied with  knife,third color last applied with knife
fourth is what it looks like after I applied my Shining Feather Soft Glo Glaze: Sunrise Yellow. 

 If you don't know how to "scumble" I hope this will help you, it is a fun and creative way to add texture to your canvas!

Felice Pittura

(Happy Painting in Italian)

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