Dec 16, 2010

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Looking Back At Another Year of Painting

By Sue Hulen

Sitting by my window and watching the many birds at our bird feeder I was thinking about what I had learned and accomplished this year regarding my art. Have you thought about that, too? I really had to focus on that question.

At first, I thought I had not accomplished much in the way of actually finishing paintings I really liked. So much of life’s “stuff” kept getting in my way and kept me from painting anything. But, then I remembered all the practice time I had gotten in and how that practice had helped me grow in so many ways. We really do learn from our mistakes and practice may not make “perfect”, but it certainly helps us grow. Practice is never a waste of my time and I try to never get upset with my mistakes as I like to view them as little teachings that help us learn and grow as artists. One of my favorite orchid paintings sold and that was a really positive thing.

Between finding homes for foster cats and kittens and moving to another home, I’m surprised I had much time at all to paint. What little precious time I had I truly am thankful. Yes, I’m even thankful for the mistakes I’d made and the frustrations they caused me. I didn’t say I never get frustrated because I certainly do……a lot! Don’t we all?

Where we moved to is very nice, but where my art room is the light is really bad. Now, I need to wait until I get a good lamp for the proper lighting before I can really get moving with my art. Another set back, but that’s all right. I will use that time making a list of what I would like to paint this year and organizing my supplies….yet again!

I’m a very organized person, but not very self-disciplined. It would be great if I could make goals and really achieve them through self-discipline. Yeah, right. I always seem to come up with excuses as to why I can’t practice, study, or finish something. Those days stink and I’m not happy with myself at the end of the day as I’ve not accomplished anything I so wanted to do, but never did. Is it just me or do you do that, too?

This new year I really do want to be more self-disciplined and goal oriented. Stop laughing. I’ll need to really push myself and organize my time better. It can happen. Really. Maybe I should set me up a schedule. Nah. That won’t work. I hate schedules. I know. I’ll make notes and reminders on the computer and I’ll have to notice them every single time I get on the computer. Nah. That won’t work either as I’ll see them so much I won’t even notice them anymore. Hmmmmm. I’ll think of something.

I would like to set-up a couple of web sites (free) with the help of a couple friends. Paintings would have to be completed in order for me to do that. That will be the encouragement I need to get going, again. After all, I can’t have a web site with one or two paintings. That will be my goal this coming year. I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but I do like goals. I try to make simple goals that are do-able. Maybe I can set my goal at three or four painting in a month. Maybe one a week or every week and a half. That’s do-able.

This year was a pretty decent year for me regarding painting, but hopefully this new year will bring fewer interruptions and fewer stray cats and kittens. LOL I will, however, have lots of work to do in the yard as there’s lots of flowers here and I’d love to have a nice garden, too. Yard work is not my thing, but hubby will need help. Ok, ok, ok, guess I won’t have as much time to paint as I’d like, but I can still set small goals…..and actually meet them. Happy New Year.

Until Next Year,

Sue Hulen

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