Dec 15, 2010

Great Gift!

Today as I sat and read all the new great posts on this magazine/blog, I started thinking how much work it must be to do this sort of thing. There is lots of information on the Internet some are for paying members only and some are totally free like this one!
I don’t write like a professional but I enjoy it and thought that I would send in an article after seeing Sharon was asking for people to submit.
I love to paint and to read about painting. You can learn so much from just reading and absorbing what the artist is telling you. I have spent many hours here on this blog and I can tell you that I have gleaned a lot of great information here. If you are like me it is hard to find time to read, but I have found that I can devote a few minutes each week to catch up with what is new here.

I tried having my own blog but found that it was just to time consuming and really what did I have to say that would be of interest? In my opinion not much!
Many blogs I have found are nothing but brag blogs….that is a term I coined because the people who are writing on them do nothing but brag about what they are doing and what they have painted and blah, blah, blah……………………boring!

Purple Palette has offered so much diversity; I can read about fine artists, art history, and techniques. Decorative art, book reviews and much more. An added advantage is that it is fresh, each time I come back there is something new!
I cannot figure the amount of time it has taken to get this blog where it is today, and for no fee to anyone….what a great gift it is!
Thanks for having a great learning place! Thanks for all the time you have spent, and your generous nature!
Charlotte Rousseau
Montreal CA

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New Free Pattern Blog
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