Nov 26, 2010

Sue's Views

On Being Thankful!
By Sue Hulen

I’m thankful that I have my painting to keep me sane. It keeps me centered and always mindful that I have the use of my eyes, hands and creativity. And yes….patience.

I’m so very, very, very thankful that I’m not a constant whiner. You know the ones I’m referring to. It’s those people who are never satisfied with what they have and are always complaining and being negative. They make me thankful I’m not like them.

When I’m down or things are not going so well for me I don’t think I tell myself “Gee. I think I’ll call the most negative, whining, complaining, ungrateful person I know.” Have you noticed that you’d rather be around someone who is positive and always thankful for what they have? They bring joy and some sunshine into our lives. When we’re down they boost us up and we’re always glad we have them in our lives.

Have you also noticed that we avoid (usually at all costs) those negative, toxic people who bring you down and wish you didn’t even know them? I can be in the best mood, but then “that person” will call or come by. After about ten minutes (usually much less) I feel so depressed. I feel like I’ve been through a battle.

Usually, the biggest ungrateful, complaining people are those who have so much more than do others. I know someone who has a gorgeous home in Florida, money to pay all her bills, a beautiful car and is healthy. With all of those things she’s been blessed with all she does is complain…..about everything. She’s just never happy. She seldom ever has a kind word to say about anyone. How sad. Life can be tough enough sometimes without having to tolerate people like that. It’s bringing me down just thinking about them.
Painting brings sanity into my life. One negative thing after another can happen into my life and I know my painting will take me go a gentler place. We just recently moved and we all know how traumatic moving can be. It’s so stressful!!
After we moved everything into the home we then had to get things where they should be and get settled in. That takes so long to do. More stress. I hadn’t painted for three weeks before the move as I was packing and getting all the necessary “things” done. It’s been a month now since we moved in and I’m still changing things around and trying to find some things I’ve already put away.
More stress. Now Christmas and New Years is almost here. Am I starting to sound like those negative people I don’t want to be around? Yep!
When I get stressed out and feel like I’m losing my sanity (or at least what’s left of it) I know it’s time to pick-up my artists brushes, set-up my art table and just paint. Just the thought of painting seems to lower my stress level a bit.
Painting is the one thing that can de-stress, calm and take me wherever I choose to go through my art. My brushes seem to have a life of their own at times and I just let them lead me. I can avoid and tune out everything except what I’m painting. As I always say “Painting is like meditation.”
It really does help center us. Our creativity is a gift that should be shared and maybe that is what keeps bringing us back.
Holidays stressing you out? Negative people or things in your life stressing you out? Are you having some bad days and just not feeling centered? The best medicine for you is to pick-up that artists brush and paint. It doesn’t matter what you paint. Just feeling the brush in your hand and the feel of the brush on any surface is calming and will bring you back to where you want to be. Now, it’s time I put that brush in my own hand and de-stress. What a delicious thought. Happy Holidays to everyone. Just remember that there’s always hope for you through your art. LOL

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