Nov 10, 2010

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During a recent conversation with a friend we got on the subject of who and what is not truly appreciated in the decorative painting community. I thought the subject was interesting enough that I would share it with you via my article.

It’s been a few years now that I’ve noticed that there are artist supply companies that don’t seem to appreciate their contributing artists. Some of their artists have to almost beg for the money that’s owed them by the company that they (the artists) have earned. The artists have had articles published and/or completed projects that are promoting a specific companies product/s. The agreement is that the artists will receive money and/or product by the company they’ve promoted and yet some of those companies are so unappreciative that they make their artists wait and wait for what’s owed them. Why should the artist have to wait? What if the companies had to wait and beg for the artists to fulfill their agreement etc.? I’d bet it would be a whole new ball game then. Right?
What about the companies who don’t even appreciate their own products that they are offering to the people who purchase them? I’m talking about the companies who manufacture things (some are very new things) and they’re not showing them in ads or the shows ( such as NET, Creative and more)? What are they thinking? If they don’t appreciate their products more than that or don’t have any more confidence in their product/s than that why would anyone want to purchase them? You have to show them so that people know you have them. Again…..not appreciating (their own product/s). And also appreciate what you have by displaying your products at the conventions with pride and thoughtfulness. Be creative and proud and don’t just throw some products on a table or set out boxes and call it “good”. That’s embarrassing for the company and customers will pass you by. Put some real thought into it. Please!! Don’t disrespect your customers in such a way.

How about those companies who don’t appreciate their customers and send them inferior products? Not a great way to bring customers back if you know what I mean. Not a smart move at all. Word of mouth will always be the best advertisement. You can’t send shoddy product and then expect someone to purchase from you again. There’s plenty of other companies out there that will appreciate customers more than that. Shame on the companies who care so little about their customers.

Then there’s one of my favorite companies. You know the ones. The ones who get your order and take forever to send it. Talk about incompetence. What is wrong with them? They need to jump out of Nah Nah Land and take a huge step back into reality. You are not doing yourselves or your customers any favors by doing things when “you” get around to doing it.

I could say more on this subject, but you get the message. Kidnap a clue all you companies who are conducting yourselves in the above way. You have got to start appreciating those who keep you in business. You need them more than they need you. Really!

Start appreciating!!!!

Sue Hulen

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