Sep 7, 2010

Getting Depth with Glazing!

Here are some other ways to get depth with glazing.

1. Applying a complementary cool glaze over a warm color will tone it down and it will appear to recede.

2. Applying a warm glaze over its complementary color will tone it and add warmth. It will also give it more “depth”.

3. If you add a warm color over a warm base it will intensify the base color and make it look richer and it will appear to advance.

4. Apply a cool glaze over a cool color darkens it making it look deeper.
Another example of what a glaze will do is it can lighten and brighten something and make it look vibrant. On the same painting of sunflowers you may want to really give some of the petals more zing, so you can apply a glaze of a bright yellow over the base color and this will be accomplished, you can also apply this yellow over the leaves to brighten them up .If you want some of the leaves to look like they are farther back then you would add an orange, blue, or violet glaze over them.

Maybe you want to have a touch of orange on some of the petals, all you do is apply a thin glaze of orange where you want this color to be.

As you can see glazing requires an understanding of how different colors react with each other, basic color theory is very essential to have for glazing.
For example, lets say you have just painted a vase of sunflowers, all the flowers are in the light, you have painted all of them the same value, (remember value is the darkness or lightness of a color,) you study your painting and realize that there is no depth and all the flowers seem to be on the same plane. You want to have some of the flowers in the shadow but you don’t want to spend lots of time re-painting them. How can you fix this? The easiest way is to apply a glaze of violet over some of the yellow flowers which are its complement color. Instantly you will see the flowers you have glazed with this color recede and look like they are pushed back or in the shadow. You can repeat this many times depending on how far back you want them to look.

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