Sep 4, 2010

Fall means cleaning time!

                I love my clean studio and pretty carpet!

Studio area where I used to have easels for my students

Where I paint

Shipping Area

Office Area

My bird and reading corner

Storage area

Exit door from office and entrance on left to studio

More storage

Today I finished cleaning my studio...I think it may be the second time this year. This time was different in the respect that I didn't just move things around, I actually got rid of things that I had not used for years and probably will not need....until I don't have them!
I hate to be in a place that is messy when I am painting because I think it makes me less creative to be surround by clutter. 
The problem is that I attract clutter and I know that it something I will always need to be fighting!
So as I was cleaning I noticed that the carpet in my studio was looking a bit dull...I had an accident several years ago, while carrying my palette I dropped it and of course it landed paint side down.
My granddaughters were standing there and witnessed this, instead of getting upset, I decided to just go with it and I took paint and palettes and we all put our feet and hands in the paint and painted the carpet. I also had some large sponge wall stamps that are used to decorate walls and we used them too, when we finished I had a beautiful painted carpet.
Over the years having cleaned the carpet it had lost some of the bright colors so I decided to take the sponge and create a brighter carpet again.
My studio now looks so good...don't even want to start using it again because I know I will probably just end up messing it up again, I get too busy painting to put things away...oh boy if I could just conquer this bad habit I would be in hog heaven!

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