Aug 15, 2010

Palette Pointer Orange the "Hot" Color

Orange the “Hot” color!

I love orange, my eye goes to this color automatically. Orange is a very warm color, some say it is a hot color, and what is so nice is that there are lots of orange colors to choose from. It is interesting that you can mix a cool red or a cool yellow but you cannot mix a cool orange.

Many of the browns we use as an artists are actually dark forms of orange. Burnt Sienna is a darkened orange.

Orange is wonderful for portraits, mix with some white and you get a wonderful flesh tone, that is used for highlights. The Burnt Sienna can be used in the shadow areas.

Landscapes are infused with the color orange, skies, deserts, flowers can be seen in many landscapes and seascapes.

There are many names for orange, Cadmium Orange, Perinone Orange, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange.

Cadmium Orange is slow drying. Introduced in 1846 and was a rare color for many years.

Cadmium considered toxic. Do not ingest or breath dust.

Perinone Orange has average drying time It is a very clean, strong reddish orange. It is more transparent than the Cadmium Orange.

Not toxic. Do not breath dust.

Quinacridone Gold considered non-toxic. Lacks brightness in tints.

Quinacridone Burnt Orange non-toxic. A very stunning dark reddish orange similar to Burnt Sienna.

The paint companies take these basic oranges and make their own colors, we can find Red Ochre, Orange Red, Luminous Orange, Cadmium Yellow Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Pyrrole Orange, Oxide Red Light, Brilliant Orange, Bright Orange, Canyon Orange, Tangelo Orange, Jack-O'-Lantern Orange, Russet, Terra Cotta, Tangerine, Poppy Orange plus lots more but they are all just mixtures of the basic pigments.

Orange is a very interesting color, it affects us mentally and physically by stimulating activity, appetite and even encourages us to be more social. Maybe the fact that it stimulates appetite is the reason you will see lots of restaurants decorated with orange.

When you mix the energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow you get the feeling of sunshine, the tropics and happiness.

Orange represents determination, fascination, creativity, attraction, encouragement, stimulation, and success. It is also the color of an organized , self-motivated, independent person. We see orange is very hot it gives the impression of heat. But, is may be hot but it is not as aggressive are the color red.

It has been found that the color Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulates our mental activity and produces an invigorating effect. Orange was representative of strength and endurance in Heraldry.

Because orange has very high visibility it is used to attract the attention and highlight the most important fundamentals of your design.

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