Aug 23, 2010

Thoughts of Fall!

Fall is right around the corner. After a summer of higher than average temperatures and extremely high humidity, I’m so ready for Fall. This summer has been oppressive for a lot of us around the country. It’s been like living in the tropics and for those MN it has been a summer of tornado's. I hope none of you living there were affected by them.

I can hardly wait for Fall. One of my favorite things about Fall is the smell of the leaves on the dew soaked grass. The smell is just so beautiful to me. The bright red, yellow, gold and orange leaves are impressive. It’s as though God painted each and everyone with His loving hand. I always collect enough of them to fill my large round basket and put it in my living room where we can enjoy them for as long as they allow.

Then my thoughts turn to Fall painting. Halloween is coming soon and I look forward to painting something Halloween-ish and putting it on my front door. I’m considering painting a huge pumpkin with just the head of a scarecrow peaking out from behind it. Cute! Do you have any thoughts on what you will paint for Fall? Fun, fun, fun. There’s so many wonderful projects to do by many talented artists in our group of many. How about Linda Lover’s projects like her landscape as well as the gorgeous tree that she had recently put in the photo album section of the group. It‘s gorgeous!; and Sharon Teal Coray’s Fall project. Then, there’s Kay Quist’s sweet “Little Darlings” Fall projects. Her characters to me are just precious “Little Darlings.” Let’s not overlook Christy Hartman’s fabric project with painted stones and lovely Fall colored leaves. It’s in the latest Paint Works magazine. These artists have many Fall projects to choose from. Those are only a few projects for Fall.
Of course we can’t lose thought of Christmas which is coming quickly as well. I’m getting ahead of myself and not staying on point, am I? I tend to do that.

Enjoy thinking about all the Fall projects you can do. Let your creativity get the better of you. Let us know what you’re painting! We’d really enjoy hearing about all the different projects our artist brother and sisters are involved in.

Soak in the cooler air and the smell of the wet leaves. Admire and honor the beauty of Fall and all it’s splendor. It’s such a short time until Fall arrives. And I must say….it’s not soon enough for me. I’ve really worked myself up about painting for Fall. It’s exciting thinking about all the possibilities.

Until Next Time,

Sue Hulen

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