Jul 1, 2010

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I Believe I’m in a Rut
Have you ever been in a rut? I’m talking about a really BIG rut? I must admit I’m in one right now. Don’t you just hate when you’re all wrapped up in one of those really nasty ruts and you just don’t want to do anything and nothing ever gets done that you wanted to do?

I don’t get into a rut often, but when I do let me tell you that they last for a while. This particular rut has lasted for about 3 weeks now and it’s time to do something about it. Soooo…..I told myself “OK. Enough already. Tomorrow you will snap out of this rut and paint all day.”
Knowing I was going to begin my “de-rut day” the next day, I tried to catch up on some housework first. OK. Today I will clean the bathroom and wash the bedding. As I headed for the bathroom I noticed the cat litter boxes needed to be cleaned (again!) so I cleaned them. As I took the messy litter out to the garage trash bin I noticed I hadn’t put in the laundry yet. After I put in the laundry I went into the kitchen to get some ice water and that’s when I realized my kitchen floor needed to be swept. Once that was finished I figured I might as well sweep the computer room, too.

Now, it’s time for lunch. After ten minutes of deciding what I’d make for lunch I ended up making just a plain old P&J sandwich. That’s what I needed. Now, I can get that bathroom cleaned and the bedding washed. That’s when it happened: The phone rang.

Phones are sometimes like cars…necessary nuisances. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but it was a neighbor who has nothing else to do but talk on the phone (ALL DAY). Once that one hour conversation was over and I tried to figure out what the heck we even talked about that meant anything, I headed for the kitchen again to get a refill of ice water.

I then noticed the time. Oh fantastic! Now, it’s time to start dinner. I cut up the roast for fajita meat and put it in the bowl to marinate. I started to head for the bathroom, once again, and thought “I might as well cut up the veggies for the fajitas before I start this bathroom.”

Once the veggies were cut up and put in the fridge I headed for the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I noticed a cheese commercial on the TV. “Oh no! I forgot to grind the cheeses for the fajitas.” Off to that blasted kitchen again to grind the cheeses. By the time I was finished with the cheeses I realized that it was time to put the fajita meat on to cook.

Now that the meat is cooking I can’t very well get involved in anything that will take a decent amount of my time as I’d have to keep a close check on the meat that’s cooking on the stove. look at the time! It’s almost time for my hubby to get off of work.

It’s because of that rut that I didn’t get things done in the days before and now I won’t have time to paint again today. The bathroom never did get cleaned and the bedding never did get washed. I should never make a plan for the day. Nothings easy!!

I hate ruts. The only good thing about being in a rut is that when I don’t get things done that I needed to get done or wanted to get done I can blame it all on THE RUT.

Have a rut free week.

By Sue Hulen


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