Jul 17, 2010

Music Sets The Mood

By Sue Hulen

A Friend of mine called a couple of days ago and while we were talking she’d asked me what the music was that was in the background. I told her that I had been painting when she called and that the music was the music I listen to while I paint. Her response was “Music? You listen to music while you paint? Hmmm. I’d never thought to do that. Why do you do that?” I told her that I cannot even imagine not listening to music while I paint.

I’ve  always loved music. All kinds of music. Music, like the weather, can dictate your mood. Since most of the painting I do is Asian painting I prefer to listen to soothing modern Japanese flute music, Reiki music, New Age/World music, Harp or flute and also the beautiful modern American Indian flute music. They are all very soothing and set the mood for what I’m painting.

If I am painting something fun I may choose to listen to pop or rock music (maybe some Bob Seger). That genre of music places me in a fun mood and boosts my energy level.

Music is fun because it can give us more energy, slow us down, sooth our spirit, or place us in a fun and silly mood. We get to choose. What kind of mood are you looking for while you paint? Are you painting floral or landscapes? Maybe you’d prefer to hear sounds of nature in the background while you paint.

Are you bored or are you tired of being in a place where you are alone while you paint? Grab you a CD that you can throw in the CD player or computer that will play in the background and put you in the mood of your choice while you paint. It will break the boredom.

I’ve noticed that when I’m painting the Asian paintings that the background music will encourage the strokes I’m making. The graceful music encourages the graceful strokes. It’s as though my brush and the music are one. My hand and brush seem to go where the music goes. That’s pretty much true of the more fun music and painting as well.
It always amazes me how much music influences our mood and our artwork. It keeps me focused and energized. It feeds my spirit and lets it come through in my art. Those who know me well know that what I’m saying is very true for me. I’m a huge believer that our love of our art will feed the spirit and that love and spirit will show in our art.
You can tell how much love someone has put into their art….or how little they’ve put into it. It will show. A few of my friends and I have discussed this topic before on more than one occasion.

Art is like everything else…..you get out of it what you put into it. I’m getting off topic now and will write about this at another time.

Drag out the CD player and grab your music. Decide what you will paint and put the music on in the background that will give you the mood you are looking for. You will never want to paint without music again.
Enjoy and let the music move your brush.

Sue Hulen


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