May 27, 2010

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Honoring Our Own Art

By Sue Hulen

Have you ever known anyone who will make the effort to paint something only to say how horrible it is? Have you ever done this, yourself? Have you ever compared your own work to someone else’s and maybe thought your work just isn’t as good and never will be? Do you get really upset when you make mistakes on the project you’re painting? Maybe there’s an alternative. Something more positive.

With all the effort we put forth and all the love we put into our artwork, we really need to honor it. Honor the love put into it. Because love is the greatest gift you can give to any artwork. If there’s no “heart” put into what you do, then it’s just something that’s been painted on some surface. It doesn’t give you a warm or pleasant feeling when you look at it. Put your heart into it. Honor that.

Honor your own work because it’s yours and not someone else’s. Your work is not going to compare to anyone else’s because it’s theirs. Just because you think someone else’s work is better than your own doesn’t make it so. Their work probably isn’t a bit better than your own….it’s just different than yours. And that’s a wonderful thing. Honor that.

When we make mistakes. Honor them. Honor them because they teach us something. There’s always a lesson in every mistake we make. The other day I was working on one of my Asian orchids and after I had painted my leaves I went back to erase my placement lines that I’d drawn in pencil. When I began to erase the lines my rich black Chinese ink smeared down my paper. EEEKS!! Needless to say I was pretty ticked. But, it taught me that the liquid ink doesn’t dry as quickly as the ink sticks. Now, that’s a great lesson to remember. We’re always making mistakes (boo boos) when we paint. Learn from them. Honor them.

Never, never, never put your work down. Not ever. If it’s not as good as you wanted it to be, that’s all right. Do it again. There’s always another shot at it. Be patient. Be mindful that there will be times when we think “I just don’t like this. It could have been so much better. This is just horrible.” It’s never horrible if you’ve done your best and if you put the love/heart into it. As a man thinketh……..he is. If you keep saying your work is bad and if you keep putting your work down, why would it ever improve? Keep telling yourself that “OK, it’s not my greatest, but it’s not my worst either. I’ll do better next time. No big deal.” If you keep reinforcing your thoughts with positive thoughts, you’ll be a more positive artist. Your work is your work….great or not so great. Honor that.

Today is a whole new day. A new beginning, just like spring. I’m going to honor that.

Honor yourself and your art, today……..and always.

Sue Hulen

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