May 14, 2010

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While enjoying a wonderful cup of herbal tea one morning, I was questioning myself as to what was keeping me from painting lately. Why was I procrastinating? Where the heck was that vibrant enthusiasm I was so used to? Wow! What happened to me?

Then it struck me. In my opinion, I believe that things outside of ourselves, weather, negative people, hurtful comments…or no comments at all about my work, was getting in my way and literally stealing my enthusiasm. Has this happened to you, too? I’d pretty much bet it has.

Once I realized it was a combination of things that had happened recently that made me so complacent about painting, I knew I had to figure out what that “something” was. For a long time I was in deep thought and to say I was analytical about this situation is an understatement.

After a time, it came to me that a few things had happened to keep me in this “funk” I was in. One was that I had shared the wonderful news that I was the Guest Artist of the Month in Purple Palette Artists Magazine/blog with someone very close to me. She totally ignored the whole celebration. I never heard one single word from this person, even though she is very closely related to me. “How very sad,” I thought. Not even an email was sent to me to verify she’d even received it. What’s up with that kind of behavior?

Another thing that had happened was the weather was dark and depressing. Don’t we all know about bad weather? Once I realized the weather was another factor something else hit me. While discussing my Asian art with a fellow artist friend of mine, I realized something. She acted completely uninterested to the point where it was obvious and very hurtful. It was down right rude. You see she does a different genre of art than I do. She does a lot of mixed medium gallery work. I never knew she felt that way about me discussing my work with her. After I hung-up the phone I realized what was going on, it hurt me a lot. After all, I had always listened to her talk about what she was painting etc.. She’s my friend and I care what she’s doing and what she’s working on at that moment. It put me off and I was so hurt I believe she stole my joy of painting anything. And that wasn’t the first time she acted that way. She acted as though was I was doing was totally insignificant and she totally dismissed everything I was saying. I’m not invisible.

Once I realized what the problems were that stole my enthusiasm, I quickly made a promise to myself. The promise is that I’m going to learn more about what I do, and I will work even harder “in spite of” those outside influences that are toxic and down right selfish and mean.

My point is that you should never allow anything or anyone to keep you from doing what you love to do whether it’s painting or anything else. I have come to a point where I realize that some people and “things” are just so insignificant that I shouldn’t waste one moment of my life allowing them to bring me down and keep from doing what I love to do……painting!

Chin (or chins : ) ) up all you who are reading this. Go on with your life and keep creating “in spite of” all those negative, toxic, thieves of joy and enthusiasm. Don’t let anything defeat you. Keep letting them know that they can’t knock you down anymore.

Keep those creative juices flowing and those hands busy! That will show them.

Maybe we should thank all of those kinds of people for making us stronger and more determined. We can’t doing anything about the weather, but we sure can do something about whom we associate with or call our “friends.” Soooo….”Thank you for your gift to me …..”in spite of.”

By Sue Hulen

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