May 15, 2010

Guest Artist Carol Sabo

Meet Carol!

                     “Night Blooming Cactus” Size: 3 ft sq. Acrylic on Canvas – My 3-D Edges. Price: $4,900

“Tiger Lily Times Two” Size: 20 x 16 Acrylic on Canvas Price: $950

Created 2010

“Spring Magnolia” Size: 3 x 2 ft. Acrylic/Canvas My 3-D Edges - Price: $3,500

“Pretty In Pink-Rose Bud” Size: 24 x 18 Acrylic on Canvas

“Ribbon Orchid” Size: 3 ft sq. Acrylic on Canvas- My 3-D Edges. Created 2007 Price: $4,900

“Prickly Pear Cactus-Eye Candy” – Size: 30 in. sq. Price: $1,450 Created 2010
Desert Oasis” – Size: 24 x 36 –Acrylic on Canvas Price: $4,950 Created 2005

Poinsettia – 2 ft. sq. Created 2005-$1950

Pink Poinsettia – 2 ½ in. sq. Created 1998-$95

Bird of Paradise-Acrylic/Canvas-2 ft. sq. 2004-SOLD $1950

Bird of Paradise-Watercolor-5x7-Created 2004-$150

Pink Fuscia-Watercolor on 140 lb. w/c paper.

Size: 6 5/8 x 7 ¼ in. Created 2008 Price: $250

Red Fuscia-Acrylic on Canvas Board. 12 x 9 in. Framed. Created 2009 Price: $ 350.00

I presently live in Scottsdale, Arizona where I moved to from Cleveland, Ohio over 6 years ago.
Being the oldest of three siblings, I always knew I wanted to be an artist.
I majored in art in High School and tried every medium possible. From pointillism to sculpture, I had a great art teacher who encouraged me to explore all art forms until I found what I loved best. I was in the art club and that is how I started with calligraphy and painting in oils. Because I was allergic to oils, I tried using watercolors... and found it to be a medium one has to master.
I incorporated calligraphy and watercolors after trying many crafts like polydome. I am a self-taught calligrapher/artist. Mastering the art of calligraphy and illumination and incorporating watercolor paintings to go with the words on a page of calligraphy. I taught calligraphy for adult education classes with the Community College and with Akron University back in the 1980’s. I was one of the founders of Scripts and  Scribes out of Akron, Ohio.
After spending 20 years doing calligraphy and commissions and painting miniature watercolors I wanted to expand my love of art by working in a larger format. I went from doing paintings in watercolors that were 8 x 10 inches and smaller to doing acrylics on canvas from 16 x 20 to three foot square. Since I was planning a move to the southwest, I wanted to develop a style that was bright, bold, colorful, and whimsical. As a fan of Georgia O’Keefe, I loved painting flowers in watercolor miniatures. I thought of transforming some of my miniature painting into larger, brighter, bolder acrylics on canvas. That was the best decision I ever made. I had to learn to create large interesting images that ran off the canvas and I developed what I call the 3-D edge to the petals of my flowers. Unique to me, it is my signature in 90% of my new work. Since I’m a very happy person, the bright bolder colors brought a smile to my face and gave me and the viewers so much joy
After spending the past 40 years painting in one form or another I feel so happy that I finally developed a style that is “all my own”. I still do small calligraphic commissions but at my age, the hand is not as steady as it used to be. Therefore, I stick with what pleases me most, painting joyful and whimsical, bold and colorful floral and southwestern images that shows my inner spirit.
Most artists are the most critical of their own work. After all these years I have come to be less critical and accept the “new me” and my new artwork. I have finally gotten to that place where some of my latest paintings are 99.99% perfect. When I do one like that I always say, “God guided my hand.”
To keep the challenge going I am always pushing the limit. I would like to get to a size of 4 x 6 foot as I graduate to larger images on canvas.
I’ve won many awards over the years. The one I’m most proud of is the Graceful Envelope Contest in 2003 of which I was one of 28 winners who is now in the Postal Museum of the Smithsonian. (The image is on my website:
I was in the 19th annual Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ last year. There are only 100 artisans accepted in that show. I was honored to be one of them.
Although I’m retired, I paint almost everyday and I still enter as many competitions as I possibly can each year. Last December I won the “Art of Distinction” award for my “Double Red Poinsettia” with the SunDust Gallery in Mesa, AZ.
I get my inspiration from nature… sometimes a photograph will trigger an image. I don’t work from photos much today, because most comes from my head. Some friends, who are always photographing flowers, send me the photos I use for my ideas. I never copy a photo.
I don’t belong to any organizations today because over the years I was so involved with so many that it consumed my time. I like being independent.
In the beginning I sold my artwork through art shows. Then I sold them in my own art galleries(1984-1995) In 2005 I was working in a gallery in Old Town Scottsdale where I was their “artist in residence” and sold many of my new paintings through that gallery. I also sold in a gallery in Cave Creek.
Today I have work with Patio Pizzaz in the Lanai Gallery Collection which makes reproductions of artist’s work for outdoor spaces. (
I have my artwork online with about 15 art sites and sell through them. I also have a website that I built myself in 1999 and I’m still the webmaster for it. All my paintings can be sold and viewed there. All of my original paintings and my Limited Edition Giclee's come with a Certificate of Authenticity, Artist Bio/Statement.
My artist bio/statement can be viewed at:

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