May 3, 2010

Critique Corner

This still life uses three objects which is a good number, odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

The shadows don't read right, they are very strong on the white vase but if they were that dark there then why is there no shadow on the squash?

It would have some shadow on the right side and under it where it is touching the table, also the shadow under the squash needs to be darker it looks a bit like it is floating. Shadows anchor things so you need to have them placed correctly and have them dark enough.

There is also something called a "tangent" this is where two things are barely touching, the small vase is just kissing the tall vase, it would have been much better to have it behind the large vase a little more, making it look more dimensional. But one of the worst things here is the perspective. Look at the tall vase, it looks like you are looking up at it, you can't see the inside of the neck.
It is like you are down below it looking up at it. Now look at the small pot kissing it, it looks like you are looking down on it, that is called a "birds eye view", there is no way you can have it both ways!  You can't be above and below the objects at once.

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