May 28, 2010

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Brain Vacation!

I have to admit that the creative part of my brain has sort of been on a vacation. Yep, haven't lifted a brush in a couple of ask what I am doing? Well I have to admit I got a little involved in making a scrapbook for my oldest granddaughter for her first dance she attended. She is only 14 and not allowed to go in cars but her boyfriend asked her to the dance and so the two moms prepared a wonderful dinner for them...lobster, sautéed mushrooms, fancy potatoes, and rum cake! (Which I made) Very fancy dinner, anyway they decorated the dining room to look like a posh restaurant, and asked my hubby to be the "waiter.” I took lots of photos of her shopping for her dress, getting ready before, and everything else that transpired.

I decided to put the photos in a book for her birthday. Well it is interesting what emerged after I got started. Once I got all my paraphernalia out and finished her book, I thought why not keep going and get all my family photos into a scrapbook.

Therefore, that is what I have been doing. Cutting, pasting and the pile is getting smaller! My studio is a mess...however  something  exciting has taken place while I was doing this; my creative brain has been in overdrive. The whole time I am scrapbooking which is somewhat creative, mostly it is just arranging things on a sheet of paper, but there is an element of creativity in choosing what to put with what, well anyway this has given the painting area of my brain a break and I have had time to form new ideas for my next paintings.

What a mess....... seems like I have more than I need and yet...I have been at Michaels two times this week!!!

With my painting I was at a standstill, I really didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to paint and you know what I have said before we all need to give ourselves time for the incubation of new ideas, and this has really been a great incubation time for me....

There is a time of high creativity for me, this is when I can paint from morning to evening and time flies, then I have times where I just need to relax and let my mind form new thoughts and ideas. All of us need this down time, and when it comes, we should embrace it as it is the time for regeneration of our creativity.
I am really enjoying putting all the scrapbooks together, looking at old photos is fun and when I finish a book it is a very good feeling that I have accomplished this and don't have boxes and boxes of photos that need attention.
I know that I am getting closer to my easel as each day passes. It won't be long before I am holding a paint brush! I cannot imagine my life without my art, it is so much a part of me, there is nothing as wonderful to me as spending the day in my studio being creative. I pray that I will be able to paint until the day the Lord calls me home, what a splendid way to give thanks to Him for the gift of creativity He has blessed me with.

Sharon Teal-Coray

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