Apr 29, 2010

Lost and Found! She is home!

The New Shawl

Have you ever sold something only to regret it later? Well this has happened to me a couple of times and the worst time it was a painting of a little Indian girl which I had painted. I found this little treasure at a Powwow many years ago. She was probably about 3-4 years old and she was having the time of her life out in the center of the ring of people, dancing and swinging her shawl around. Every once in a while, she would sort of stumble and almost fall, but she would right herself and go on dancing as if nothing happened. I was just captivated by her; she was beautiful and graceful for her age.

The dances the Indians do are so interesting to watch, they all tell a story. The proud faces of the adults moving around the circle, dancing to the beat of the drums, and singing of the men draw you in. The rhythmic beats of the drums the chanting and the jingles from the decorations on the dresses make for beautiful music.

I took many photos of her and had numerous developed but only one that took my fancy. Therefore, I painted it. I loved how it turned out and at the time, I was in several galleries and one of them wanted it. I reluctantly sent it to them and they sold it. It was gone and I had no idea as to who had purchased it because the galleries never disclosed that info to the artists. They were afraid that we would contact them and sell them more work directly.

I have often thought about this painting and wondered where it was and regretted selling it.

I told a good friend of mine about this painting, how I wished I could get it back…however I know that things like that don’t happen very often.

However, a few days ago I got an email from a lady in Surprise Arizona, what a great name for a city... and it was a surprise because she had this painting and wanted to know if I would like to buy it back.

My eyes popped right out of my head when I opened up the attachment and saw my little Indian princess! Oh yes I want to buy it back…you bet I do! What an opportunity!

Now what makes the story even more interesting is that she found it in a house where the lady had passed away and the daughter was getting rid of everything. This lady who had the painting told me that the old lady lived in a house that was probably build in the 70’s because everything was from that era and most of it was junk. I sat and thought about this and my mind just kept thinking about the lady who had purchased this painting. She was attracted to this for some reason, she apparently didn’t have much in the way of riches, but she had put out her hard-earned money to buy my artwork from a gallery.

This really touched me, I wish I could have talked to her and found out why she did that. What did she love about my little Indian girl that made her part with her money to own it?

Well anyway I got a notice from FedEx today and it is on its way back to me… the one painting in all my life that I painted that I wished I could have back is now going to become a reality. Do you think God had a hand in this small miracle? I do!

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