Mar 12, 2010

Art from the Heart©

By Sharon Teal-Coray

Artists are Unique ©

Did you know that we as artists are very unique! After much research I have found some things that we all may have in common. We seem to experience the world differently than the average Joe.

Here are some examples see if you can relate to these.

Highly sensitive to things around us. We tend to be more in tune to subtle details in our environment. We are more aware of our feelings with people we deal with, and we are especially more aware of own internal process.

Creative people have a tendency to be more reckless or spontaneous than others.

Nonconformity, yes sometimes we can be rebels!

Because we are easily stimulated we can become overwhelmed easily and sometimes live very disorganized lives.

We can suffer from depression and anxiety.

We have a unyielding urge to create. Sometimes more than other but it is always with us.

We have a never ending curiosity.

We feel the need to find a “purpose” in life.

We love to solve problems.

Sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves with our creativity.

We get massive satisfaction from being create.

When we create we feel alive, we feel powerful

Often we ignore our own creative urges as an effort to avoid being perceived as weird or different.
People often think we are a bit eccentric…because we are!
In the next few weeks I will be exploring some of these so we can understand what we are all about.

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