Feb 28, 2010

Palette Pointer ©

by Sharon Teal-Coray

“You are the Sunshine of my life”!
A favorite song and color of mine is yellow. It makes me feel happy, joyful, and full of energy. Did you know that yellow stimulates mental activity….now this is a color to surround yourself with! It also has the ability to generate muscle energy. It has always been associated with food products, just think of how many labels you see in the grocery store that is yellow! I love to paint with yellow, there are so many different yellows in oils and acrylics and each one has its own personality. Some are cool and some are warm. It is good to know which is which when you are painting!
Here are some popular oil yellows.

Cadmium Lemon: This is the coolest shade of Cadmium Yellow.

Cadmium Yellow Light: Cadmium Yellow Light is a bright, cool chemically pure Cadmium color, one step warmer than our Cadmium Lemon. Excellent opacity

Cadmium Yellow Medium: Pure medium yellow with great opacity and naturally muted tint. This chemically pure cadmium color replaced toxic chrome yellow for the Impressionists. This is most useful for natural light painting.

Cadmium Yellow Deep: Chemically pure deep yellow Cadmium color has excellent opacity and muted tint. Indian Yellow: This color has been prized for hundreds of years. Only recently has the color been made with a completely lightfast pigment. It is also known as Diarylide yellow.

Naples Yellow Hue: A pale opaque earthy yellow.
Hansa Yellow Light: Hansa Yellows are not Cadmium copies. They are the coolest yellows. Brighter in tint, more transparent, try using Hansa Yellow Light instead of Cad Yellow Light where transparency is desired. It is also useful to intensify tint of Cadmium Yellows.

Hansa Yellow Medium: Its masstone is very similar to Cadmium Yellow Medium but semi- transparent. Clean, bright tint. Use in place of Cadmium Yellow where higher key tint is desired. Also Hansa Yellows' transparencies make them useful for mixing cleaner, brighter secondaries.

Hansa Yellow Deep: Golden yellow, warmest yellow.

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