Feb 6, 2010

Creative Corner by Sharon Teal-Coray

I am sitting here looking at the old lessons I am getting my info from and realized that they are so old they are from the old-time Mimeograph machines….boy now that is dating me!

Learning to be patient in a hurry-up world!

It has been shown that the patience in an amateur is usually short. He wants to complete his painting as quickly as possible. He wants to enjoy the immediate satisfaction of having accomplished something. This is understandable especially in this day and age of instant gratification being the norm.
However, the production of any good art takes time, especially if you want to produce something of permanent, substantial value.
Matisse once said, “I have worked for three years on Europa and the Bull and I shall probably have to work on it quite a while longer.” Three years!
As an artist, you do not have to have the patience of Matisse, but you do need to acknowledge that the creative process takes time.
Some people imagine that an artist can turn out pieces of artwork like mass produced cars, and yes there are some artists that do this but the end result is never the same as an artist who takes time to create his masterpiece.
If you are becoming impatient with a painting, a good trick is to do something different. I never have only one project going, I find that having a couple keeps my mind creative and if I am getting impatient with one painting, I can put it away for a few days.

Learning how to slow down is something all of should do in our lives. Never approach your work as if it were a race. Setting up your inner expectations of big results, only makes way for a letdown. Enjoy the gradual progress you are making. Enjoy every step of learning; actually, I think this is the most fun time for an artist.
One important thing to remember is; never equate your self-esteem or capacity for happiness with your success or failure. If you are in a class don’t look around and compare your work with others, maybe they are moving faster than you, so what? Maybe they are farther along in their learning journey than you, so what?
You are a unique individual on a path to becoming an artist, if you just take one-step at a time and enjoy what you learn you will progress at your on capacity of learning speed. Each and every student I have ever taught is different. Each one moves at a different speed, learns in a different way, and retains the information differently. As we grow older, it is twice as hard to learn something new, as it was when we were in school.
So slow down and enjoy the ride!
Sharon Teal-Coray

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