Feb 11, 2010

Compostion Corner ©

By Sharon Teal-Coray

Ways you can mess up your painting by using poor compositions!
You can paint a wonderful painting, the colors and perspective is all great but….if your composition is bad, your painting is bad.
# one no-no
Try not to place your center of interest or focal point in the center of your canvas.There are some exceptions to this rule but most of them time it is best not to do this.
Putting the subject or focal point of a painting right in the center of the painting, vertically and horizontally, is monotonous, tedious, and ugly. The viewer's eye goes straight into the center of the painting, immediately sees what is there but does not see what is around it and because it is boring will move onto the next painting. That is not what we want, we want our viewer to stay and look around at our painting, take time to see everything there is, not be driven away!
Now let's take a look at some bad examples of this. See if your eyes are drawn right to the bulls eye..center of the painting where they have placed their focal point. Oh and by the way these are painting by Chinese artists in factories.They are known for copying artists work and assembly line painting, sadly they don't know a lot about composition and this is good for us as we can look at their bad examples and learn from them.

Do you see anything other than the boat,
lighthouse and the little girl? All placed in the middle of the painting~

This is just plain ugly, the big rock stuck in the center!

This one is so bright right in the middle it draws your eye in and then your finished, see if that is the way you look at this painting.

The two trees in the center serve no purpose other than grabbing out attention...it would have been much better to leave them out!

The third with the trees smack in the center is such bad placement, if the artist would have moved them to either side the composition would have been much better.

Here is a composition that is much better!

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