Jan 10, 2010

New Year Tips for Organizing!

Wouldn't it be great if we could have the fairy of organization visit us while we were sleeping and have our studios organized when we woke up the next morning....Well we know that won't happen but some of the nice ladies on the Purple Palette Group have shared their strategies for getting organized and they were such good tips that I am sharing them here with you. If you are like me you have a lot of "stuff" and I struggle with keeping everything in a place where I can find it easily...unfortunately, I am the type that is not organized naturally and I have to work at it. Maybe with some of these tips I will get a little more organized so I don't have to spend so much time looking for something.....one can only hope!

I use my digital camera and number each magazine and each box and then I can pop in
the CD and run through until I find what I want. I usually take pictures of front
cover and back cover and why I purchased the magazine, book or picture of what I want to paint.

I use borax boxes to store the magazines in. When I get the short fat box of borax, I
can trim at an angle and cover the box with pretty paper. In addition, mark with box
number to match the CD.
Works for me!
Smiles, Ruth

Time to re-organize

January is the first month of the New Year, so why not re-organize and start
new. I tell myself that every year, and this year I am doing some things for a

I've gone thru all of my paints, separating them first by brand, then by color.
Then I went thru each bottle, writing down the name, how many bottles of a color
I had (now I know what colors I really like.. lol), and marked with an asterick
those that I will need to replace soon. I will be printing this list out, and
then watching for sales on the paint...I've saved the list to the puter, so as I
get new paint, I can add it. This sounds really good to me - as long as I
remember where I've filed the list (computer literate I'm not).

I've sorted my magazines from my books. Books by the same artist are all
together now - yup - got some favorite ones there too. Usually I've kept the
magazines together by names and then in numerical order. But do I look thru
them like that when I'm trying to find something? Of course, not - usually it’s
some seasonal thing I'm looking for, so now all of springs are together,
summers, falls, and winter/Christmas issues. It's not perfect cause I know some
issues cover more than one season, but going to give this a try and see if it works
any better.

Next on my list are all of my brushes...hhmmmm...yup...got some favorites there
too - favorites here being duplicates. All of the brushes are going to be
getting a really good cleaning, and then will be sorted by what kind of brushes
they are - rounds, flats, etc. I'd started to separate them like this last
fall, but never really got it all done. I was surprised though at how much easier
it was to just look thru only the flats to find the one I wanted...or the

Separating patterns... I think I'll be sorting by category and putting in folders,
not sure if by season or items like lighthouses, florals, etc.

Surfaces...hhmmm...what a challenge here - I recently was given boxes of stuff
when a woman was downsizing that she thought I might like to have to paint on.
I'm kind of at loss here - there's tin, glass, wood, you name it - it's there.
Some new, some old...lots of interesting possibilities... but what to do with it
all? Glad I don't have to figure that one out today!

Hope that helps...and if I am able to get it all organized, I can't help but
wonder what shape it will all be in this time next year?
Start at square one again?


I have my paints organized by color/color family. My hubby made me a big storage
"box" that turns. You can see it on the purple palette site. I store my paints
upside down with the color name on the bottom.

I have a list of specialty brushes and or tools I own.

I have my free downloaded projects & purchased packets organized in three ring
binders by subject. I have been collecting for quite awhile and am no
considering moving them into a large file cabinet I bought several months back
at the local Goodwill for $5.
I created a giant sized document on my computer listing the art magazines I own
and the projects they contain. I note any Technique, Worksheet or project I
especially like.
I store my art magazines in boxes (tops sticking out - kind of like a file) by
Name and date.
I created another document on my computer listing all my art books I own and
their projects. I list the art books by the Artist's last name. I have a second
listing by subject too.
My books are stored in plastic holders I bought at Wally World either by Artist
or by subject.
I created a document on my computer listing all videos, DVD’s, and packets.
These are listed by last name of the artist.
I store most of my patterns in the book or magazine they came in.
Traced patterns I try to store flat, by subject. I often combine same subject but
different sources, noting source, on the same tracing sheet. I especially like
doing that for holidays. I have several empty tablets, from tracing paper, that
I use to store patterns.
Well... that's what I've been doing.
Hugs, Peggy

I'm semi organized. My paint area is set up in the corner of my living room right by my computer so I don't have to put things away when I finish for the day. I have a drafting table that I paint on and a wooden unit with dividers with all my paint sorted by color with the names on the bottom of the bottle. This is right in front of me for easy access. My brushes are beside me in different containers. I never throw a brush away so I keep the good ones in one container and the worn out ones in another. New unopened brushes are hanging on a pegboard behind me. I have an old mechanics toolbox on wheels that I rescued that I use for holding pens, markers and my graphite papers. My husband and I added a 5'x10' room on to our house right behind my painting area so I would have a place to store all my books and craft items.(Best Christmas present ever) I keep my easels and finished paintings in here also. It is big enough that I can set up in there to paint on canvas when I have something too big to do on my table. I keep my oils paints in a large tackle box and I also have another box for my tube acrylics. Easy to pull out when needed. I keep a notebook with all my books listed by title and artist. Each time I purchase a new one I make sure, I list it in my book. My books are kept in a file cabinet and a couple of the roll around carts with drawers. I have about 400 so far. Now I just need to figure out how I want to organize my magazines! I have hundreds of those too! I have one single drawer unit that I keep my traced patterns in so they are all in one place. If I had more room, I would get another file cabinet for those.
Janet Alford

I had a organizer into my house. Amazing ideas. Wasted space #1 was behind the
door. I use a spare bedroom for computer and paint room.
Behind the door I put up shelves for my paints. All my paints are out of the
boxes and on the wall. No matter what I am looking for it takes seconds to find.
Even if I am out of a paint color the subsitute will be right beside it.
All my glitter etc is on the wall shelves too.
amazing how much a 3" deep space can hold. Of course I should have painted the
shelves first....lol

Second spot is my closet. I simply took everything out and put shelf for a desk
1/2 way up. ( check for your height by sitting on the chair you want to use) and
filing cabinet under each end for magazines. Shelves above desk for organizer
boxes with supplies inside. I cheated here and put a bookshelf on top of the
desk. Pin board on the right and extra bookcase /shelf on right.

I can store scrapbook supplies, paper for printer etc.
I now use room for computer and sewing, painting, and designing.
Of course I have to now add some fabric samples in a binder or collage on the
wall for inspiration and yardage amounts.

the trick is to put things away after each project is done. Something I have to
work at. I am always putting that off....lol
Take Care
Cindy Litt

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