Jan 1, 2010

National Gallery of Art Tromep l'oeil Deceptions and Illusions

Tromep l'oeil Deceptions and Illusions
This exhibition illustrates the playful and intellectual nature of trompe l'oeil--the artistic ability to depict an object so exactly as to make it appear real. A heightened form of illusionism, the art of trompe l'oeil flourished from the Renaissance onward. The discovery of perspective in fifteenth-century Italy and advancements in the science of optics in the seventeenth-century Netherlands enabled artists to render objects and spaces with eye-fooling exactitude. Both witty and serious, trompe l'oeil is a game artists play with spectators to raise questions about the nature of art and perception.
The exhibition constitutes the most comprehensive treatment to date of this phenomenon.
If you would like to see this some highlights from this incredible exhibit go to:

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