Jan 10, 2010

Guest Artist Carol Forsyth

Carol is a multi-talented lady, she not only paints but she creates beautiful antique-looking jewelry!

Carol lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her hubby. They live down Hilly Billy road (their nickname); it’s a bumpy gravel road, close to the River and out in Farmland. They love living out there, because of the nature and their critters! One is an adopted Standardbred horse that they knew nothing about when they first got him. Carol says, “He got me through some tough times, and I think I helped him to trust again, so it was a win situation for both of us.” They also have a mare that’s his buddy, learning that two horses being herd animals do better than one. Among their critters is an adopted kitty that looked like she was going to die from being in a shelter, due to wheat allergies. She is now quite fat with lovely fur. In addition, they have a 3-year-old Chow Chow, who is alone right now, as they just lost her older buddy. As you can tell, they love animals which are a big part of their life.

Carol got interested in art when a friend showed her, what she had painted as her beginner project. She admits that she was one who didn’t think she could do that, but her friend convinced her to join their group.

Linda Lock has been her mentor. She is the one that encouraged Carol to teach at her shop, and to create her own designs. Carol has taken a few classes with individual teachers, Maureen Mc Naughton, Sharon McNamara Black, Karen Hubbard, Ros Stallcup, and David Jansen. David’s classes are what got her hooked on Traditions paint. She has been painting for 18 years with 12 of them spent teaching.

Carol say’s her favorite medium is water colors.” I love the soft look and feel that they give you. I know acrylics inside and out and love Tradition’s paint for its richness, color vibrancy, and versatility, but I would love to learn more about watercolors.”

“When I first started designing, if I saw a picture that I just loved in a magazine, I would rip it out and save it into a file for future reference. Now I like taking pictures of things. I am inspired by a lot of different things nature, flower’s, animals, pets, sometimes china, or architecture. I also really love old vintage looking items. Lately I like using old photo’s for texture and doing an altered art collage look.”

Carol’s favorite subjects are nature and flora; she loves to paint animals and birds but finds flowers to be the easiest to paint.
“I think the influence comes from gardening. I love perennials, love looking at nature.
I’d say my favorite bird is a chickadee they are so non-aggressive. I like to create scenes in my head of birds with animals to make the picture interesting. I like to add a nest in a floral arrangement or butterflies, eggs, just to mix it up a bit. Usually I start with one idea and then it comes together when I draw it. Probably the hardest thing for all of us is starting, and then usually once you start the ideas just seem to flow.”

Carol says that the greatest thrill she has had was being asked to guest teach in England. She got to stay in an old Manor for the weekend where she was teaching, she says the gardens, and everything there was like being in a dream. It was wonderful because her Granny whom she is very close with is from London and she had always wanted to visit where she was from.

Carol’s advice for other artists is to “paint what you love and you will have more enthusiasm, it will drive you to create. Even if it is challenging, that’s how we grow. Also, take lots of snaps shots or pictures of things that really attract you and save them into a file. Another thing I do if I get an idea into my head I will do a quick mini sketch so I don’t forget. Then later when I have time, I draw it out in more detail. Something I learned about drawing also is not to be too quick to paint it. I will work hard on a drawing one day, set it aside for a day, come back to it, and usually see little changes I need to make. Only when I am satisfied with the drawing will I begin to paint. My hubby always says I have to have detail in everything I do.”
Carol belongs to the Decorative Artists in Canada and ToleFriends.
Her favorite artists are the old world painters, she recently went to the Vancouver Art Museum where they featured Dutch Masters.
She is also a fan of Terry Isaac, Ann Kingslan, & Mary Kingslan Gibillisco and Sherry Nelson’s work and finds Carl Brenders work “stunning”

She gives most of her work away as gifts and has donated some to www.crittercarewildlife.org. This is a place where they rescue orphaned and injured animals and re-habilitate them back to the wild.
She is currently teaching in a local studio near home and travel teaches at seminars occasionally. She is working on a program to teach in a private retirement residence for seniors.
“I am so glad that my friend convinced me to join her those 18 years ago, because I would have missed out on so much. It has helped me to cope with the stresses and the ups and downs in life. It also gives a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem. I see it in students all the time when they begin learning. I am grateful to be able to have the ability to get lost in my painting and forget everything else around for that moment. I never get tired of painting because there is always so much to learn, new techniques, new mediums and ways to grow, you can never be done learning.

"I love creating. I can loose myself when I am thinking about new designs. I especially love anything antique especially architectural designs. I thinks it's because of the detail that they have. I have been an artist for 18 yrs, had 6 books published with my patterned designs. I also create up cycled vintage looking jewelry, altered art cards, prints and decorative art pattern packs."
My favorite saying: “Imagination awakens creativity!”

You can find Carol's beautiful work here:
email: orders@eclecticmixup.com
website: www.eclecticmixup.com
twitter @ eclecticmixup
etsy: www.carolforsyth.etsy.com

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