Jan 26, 2010

Creative Corner by Sharon Teal-Coray

I am going to use this space to share some of the lessons I have handed out to my students over the many years I taught fine art.

Being a Creative Person

Creative art can be a glorious experience, one that is hard to match! Yet, as humans, we know that there will be personal tensions that arise from time to time and this can throw our whole world upside down. A bad mood can cause despondency and despair. We feel stymied. From the past experiences we have we know that it is sometimes hard to “snap out of it.”
However, much can be done in quiet periods to expose and eliminate the sources of these tensions.
Simply being aware of the pitfalls, you can fortify yourself against them.
In the next few weeks, I will be discussing the common negative attitudes which amature artists often exhibit.
When you read this I am sure you will be able to spot the origin of these feelings very quickly. They are all based on lack of self-confidence, fixed ideas, impatience, fear of failure, and over anxious pressure.

Setting Goals

Some people perceive themselves as a failure simply because they are perfectionists. They compulsively set unrealistic goals and then become frustrated when they don’t reach them. It is sort of like reaching for the moon and grasping only air! There is no such thing as perfection so one is doomed to fail. When you set up your inner expectations of gigantic results, you are due for a gigantic let down.
Let’s say you sign up for a workshop to learn a new way to paint. You go into the class with high expectations of learning this new technique in this one workshop. The workshop is a lot harder than you expected. When you see that you do not understand some things as fast as you thought you would you become upset and discouraged. This is not only a very immature attitude but it shows your lack of understanding of the creative process.
What you need to understand is that becoming an artist is a gradual process it does not happen overnight. Do you know that the time it takes for a person to become a great artist is usually 10 years of hard study? I can testify to that as I had students with me for that long before they got to the point of being called a fine artist who could win awards and sell their work.
If you find that you have trouble with being a perfectionist, why not try to lower your expectations for a few weeks.Set lower goals that you can actually reach. You will probably feel more relaxed have a happier mood and discover that you are more creative!

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