Dec 14, 2009

Naif (Naïve) Painting by Guido Vedovato

Have you ever found an artist that just took your breath away? Well after Linda Lover educated us about Naif art I started googling and I came across this wonderful artist in Italy, with his permission I want to share his outstanding work....I love cats, color and bold simple when I found him I fell in love!!! I hope you enjoy his work as much as I makes you want sit and look at his art all day!

Guido Vedovato was born in 1961 in the north of Italy. Self-taught, he progressively became, in the 1970s, a naïve painter and sculptor, it started as a hobby then he became more and more professional. His first exhibition was in 1986.
Today, his works are exhibited widely in Italy of course, but also in many other countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Its paints are inspired by life's scenes, peoples, animals of the mountains where he has been living for longtime, and they are made with oil on big-size canvas, with a very original style which cannot be absolutely classified among any existing naive paint-school or paint-style. About its sculptures, he has a predilection for primitive wodden or terracotta figures, raw or coloured too, with shapes ascribable to the traditional and popular sculpture of the north-eastern alpine area of Italy. His works is close to that of Dominique Peyronnet regarding the strange and fantastic atmosphere that is portrayed in his work. The fall of night reveals its mistery through nocturnal birds and other animals. His rejection of perspective reminds us of children's drawings or those of the Egyptians who underlined, by this method , the hierarchical order. The artist, while highlightings a great number of details, forgets reality, making his paintings an invitation to immerse ourselves into his childlike and colourful world. His works are acquired by the following museums:
Museum of Naive Art in Jagodina - Serbia, National Naive Art Museum Cesare Zavattini - Italy, Bages International Naive Art Museum - France, Slovenian Naive Art Museum in Trebnje - Slovenia, MAN Naive Art Museum Béraut - France, International Naive Art Museum - Spain, International Naive Art Museum Y. M. Daigle - Canada, Vihorlatske Muzeum Humenné - Slovak Republic, MIDAN International Naive Art Museum Vicq - France, Musée d'Art Spontané, Brussels Belgium, Naive Art Museum - Lauro - Italy.

Guido Vedovato's works were exhibited in the following countries: Italy, Spain, France, Swiss, Belgium, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Canada, Usa, Israel.

To see more of his work go to:

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