Dec 31, 2009

The Complete Artist

I was sitting in my studio when this caught my attention so I thought I would share this with everyone for a good laugh to start the new year with.
This is a poster my son drew for me many years ago.It was 1985 during the time artist Alexander was on TV with his weekly paint-a-long show. He was a very interesting man with a German accent and the way he painted was just a great adventure!
We would watch him and laugh when he would take his big brush and dip it into the turp and hit it against the leg of his easel...can you imagine how it splashed all over the room!
Well John got a real kick out of him and drew this for my studio. I had to share it and tell you what it says in case you can't read it.

Click on Picture and it will enlarge so you can see it better!

The Complete Artist by John Coray c 1985

Starting at the top left side I will work down.Then I will come back up the right side to the top.
Look for the "turpentine shower"
Vision glasses so you will have "visions".
Heavy Duty Painting Suit
Paint Pockets
Funny Brush
Magic brush
Easy Reach Palettes
Gun for when pressure is too much and to help sell paintings.
Collapsible easel
Comfortable shoes

Right side
Ronco foot air brush
Money bags
Magic Knife
Swivel Brush Holder
Creativity Pills
Imaginations Pills
Drawing board( on his chest!)
Head phones on his chest.

May all of you who are reading this have the best new year ever!
God Bless you and thanks for your support!
Sharon Teal-Coray

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