Nov 9, 2009


This is our new section called "Artist's Corner". Our first artist is Robyne Recca


It’s almost December and it is the ‘big’ rush for as many ornaments as can be painted in almost every waking hour of every day until Christmas; orders are coming through for every color, flower, Santa and of course snowmen. Glitter, metallic’s, crystals, ribbon and anything else that could be thought of to accent and embellish any size ornament that is desired by the consumer….
Who was the one that said we were in a tight economy? Next year I won’t believe it; I will start earlier than September just to be able to be on top of my classes, holiday shopping, and other orders for the Christmas rush…….. And rushing, I am!
Trying to think of more designs too, how many different color scarves can one paint around the neck of a snowman? Or mittens to match? How fast can one paint a Christmas flower and still make it look like an heirloom or something worthy to hang on that tree?
Been to some Christmas shows just to rest my aching eyes; have seen many ornaments ranging from $5.00-$95.00- seen ‘decals’ on some; what is up with that? Do crafters in juried shows use rub-ones and a little glitter to make it appear “hand- made”? Does the shopper know that some crafters are cheating to make a quick buck? I personally could not fake a hand-painted snowman on an ornament; I may, however glue a crystal as a nose in lieu of a carrot-adds character…but, could not look at a customer with the pretense of a hand-painted look…………………
Well, off to more painting and delivering. Happy painting and holidays to you
Robyne Recca
Art From The Heart

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