Aug 10, 2009

What is the difference between a Juried and Judged Show?

Have you heard these terms and wondered what they mean?
When I first started entering exhibits I was confused too so here is a simple explanation as to what they each mean.

If you see the term “Juried” Art Exhibit, it means that you will submit any work you would like to have in the show. Then it will be reviewed and evaluated, (juried). They may have a committee of jurors or just one person who decides if your work is accepted.

If you see, the term “Judged” this means that your work will be evaluated to determine if you will receive an award.

Many of the shows are both juried and judged. First, you must get accepted and then you have a chance of winning an award after the show has been judged. Accepted entries are evaluated against each other to determine the award placement.

Some shows are small often limited to artists working
in a specific media, living in a certain area or by membership in an organization. Because the shows are small they are able to exhibit all qualified entries and
don’t need to reduce the size of the exhibit with
a jury process.
Some shows and events are juried, but not judged. These can include invitational exhibits the objective is to jury artworks or artists to participate in the event.

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