Jul 12, 2009

Hindenloopen Folk Art Painted by Harmen W.Glashouwer

The Artist

Harmen W. Glashouwer

Harmen W. Glashouwer, born in 1948, is one of the most talented artists in the field of Hindeloopen Art.

The Hindeloopen art, which was (and still is!) practised by artisans, came into being around 1650, during the period of Dutch Mannerism. The art was very popular in the Hindeloopen sea-captain's houses. They were colorful interiors and the furniture was decorated with floral ornaments, biblical themes and sea imagery.

Harmen W. Glashouwer got his education at the Vredeman de Vries Academy of Art at Leeuwarden. But it was his father, Willem Glashouwer, pupil of the famous Hindeloopen artist Gerard Huttinga, who taught him the specific Hindelooper painting style.

Harmen W. Glashouwer painted a.o. for the Museum Hindeloopen, the Dutch Open-air Museum at Arnhem, the Zuiderzee Museum at Enkhuizen, the Pella Historical Village (Iowa, USA) and Macy*s Department Store (USA).

His work has been featured in several magazines, a.o. House Beautiful (USA, Canada), Veranda (USA) and Dove (Italy and Japan).

Hindeloopen, a town with a personality of its own. It sits in the North of Holland, by the sea, it has lovely views, narrow streets, typical wooden bridges. Hindeloopen offers an special way of life, beautiful art, colorful costumes and its own language.

Hindeloopen is famous because of its special style of painted furniture. This art, which was practiced by many artisans, is still popular today. It is rich, colorful and decorated with biblical scenes, floral ornaments, and sea metaphors.
The art started about 1650 and was very popular in the Hindeloopen sea-captain's houses. The main background colors are red, blue, white and green and derives from late Renaissance and early Baroque
The artists used imitation marble, acanthus plants and scenes from Greek mythology.

If you would like to see more of this artist's wonderful work here is a link:

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