May 4, 2009


About 4 years ago I was introduced to Linda Lover by someone from Dynasty brushes. Her work was absolutely beautiful. Since I had never painted anything in my life I felt quite intimidated by her experience and the beauty of her work. Being a professional calligrapher I was quite familiar with brush strokes, but never used artists brushes to make them. Robyne Recca sent me some brushes and a couple bottles of paint and that got me at least trying to paint. By her teaching me how to paint a simple rose bud got me hooked on painting. Then, came the Dynasty brushes. What a treat it is to use them. All of them! The feel of those brushes in my hand is like putting on an old pair of shoes. Sooooo comfortable. Using the stroke work from Linda's books was such fun and I felt such an accomplishment each time I would do something correctly. What an experience that was.
After a time Linda had sent me a wonderful Oriental work station. She had no idea, nor did I, how that work station would change my life. Reading the instructions in the book I would grind my ink and patiently wait for the ink to be the consistency it needed to be to use it. There was something about the grinding of the ink that made me feel calm. Then, working with the brushstrokes made me feel so at peace. I fell in love with the art within two days of opening that book for the first time.
The Chinese say that you must learn the complex in order to do the simple. How very true that is. Oriental painting appears to be so simple, but I can tell you it is not. It takes much practice and perseverance in order for the paintings to appear so simple. The Chinese also have a saying which I love so much and it can pertain to any genre of art. The saying goes like this:
"From heart, to arm, to hand, to brush, to paper." Isn't that beautiful? How true it is.
I'm now in the process of painting three different pieces for a couple to look at who live in Canada. Fortunately, for me, they love what I do. You know what? So do I. I love this genre of art so much.
My friends are such wonderful and generous people. Between all that Linda has supplied me with and now I have Sharon's glazes and the supplies Robyne had sent, I can do work I never thought I would accomplish. By the way, Sharon's glazes are nothing short of delicious. They make my work look so much nicer. They blend beautifully with my water colors. Lovely!
The Lord gave me the ability to do what I do and I always give Him the glory for it all.
That's how I got into Chinese brush art. No matter what genre of art you prefer more than the others, put your heart into it and the art will show that love. Decorative painting is a love of mine, as well, but being honest I must say the Asian art has captured my soul. Where there's heart there is beauty. Just look at all the wonderful artists in Purple Palette Yahoo group. Lots of heart there, too.
Go where your heart leads you and be patient. Nothing great ever came easily. Where is your heart? Paint freely and paint with your spirit.
Sue Hulen
Project Creator With Dynasty Brushes Ezine

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