May 29, 2009

What to do with Gesso

Artist’s Gesso What does it do?
If you have never used gesso,then you need to read this. Gesso is so much more than a surface preparation or primer for your paintings. Did you know that you can mix gesso with paint to create colored gesso for creating tinted grounds? You can also use gesso mixed with paint to cover up mistakes, even those great big mistakes!
A few coats of gesso can turn even the most boring painting surface into a delightful place to paint. If you enjoy painting on a rough surface with lots of tooth you can add texturing materials to your gesso. Add several coats for a smoother surface to create your art on. You can even sand your layers once they dry to make a canvas that is like painting on fine porcelain.
Gesso comes in oil or acrylic, however the acrylic mixture is the most popular due to the ease of use, quick drying time and it has fewer odors. When used in combination with mediums, artists can control most any ground to alter its character once paint is applied. I discovered that if you use heavy gesso instead of white acrylic, you can blend your colors together quite easily ! Also the drying time is slower. I never use white paint anymore and my blending is very similar to oil blending, I absolutely love it!
Everyone needs to have some gesso in your art supply.!!!

Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.
Flexible and non-cracking.
Provides the perfect "tooth" and adhesion to a wide variety of supports such as canvas, paper and wood.
Excellent base coat primer for many applications such as murals.
One coat is usually enough.
Sharon Teal-Coray

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